Shake It Off Leadership – Betsy Cerulo

“Sometimes something tragic can shake us all up and shock our potential to see what we’re capable of.” Betsy Cerulo

Regardless of what you have gone through professionally or personally, there is always another opportunity to shake off the dust and get back on the path that leads to success. Betsy Cerulo has been guiding people to overcome adversities and believes that, it is the action that we take that leads us to the quality of life that we seek.

In 1990, Betsy Cerulo founded AdNet/AccountNet, Inc., a Baltimore based company with a powerful mission of being “Advocates for Workplace Excellence & Equality”. AdNet is a Professional Staffing & Executive Search firm focused on providing exemplary Human Capital Management services to government and corporate clients throughout the United States. AdNet places subject matter experts with Accounting/Finance, Human Resources and Legal expertise.

Since 2011, AdNet excels at identifying and managing teams of individuals who provide Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance Services, as well as Reasonable Accommodation assistants who handle administrative tasks for government and corporate employees who are blind or deaf. The company is 8a, LGBTE and WBE certified.

Betsy is the Co-Founder and Past President of the Maryland LGBT Chamber of Commerce, which successfully launched in 2017 and was awarded Rising Star Chamber in 2018 by the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce. In 2021, Betsy and eight community leaders founded the Maryland LGBT Foundation, which is a 501c3/non-profit entity, working in partnership with the Maryland LGBT Chamber. Betsy serves as the Board President. The Foundation generates resources and works to activate, educate and mobilize the LGBTQ+ community to access opportunity and wealth generation. She also serves on the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce certification committee, which verifies that eligible businesses are majority owned by LGBT individuals. This certified LGBT Business Enterprise designation allows businesses to better compete for corporate contracts.

Betsy is a member of the Women’s President’s Organization, which is a global peer advisory group for female CEO’s. Betsy is a passionate activist pushing for equity and equal rights for women and all diverse groups. Betsy is the author of Shake It Off Leadership-Achieving Success Through the Eyes of our Labels and a children’s book, Miss Crabapple and Her Magical Violin, which tells a story of how the quietest child in a group can light up dreams when we ask questions. She is also a contributing author of two compilations Women Living Consciously and Keys to Conscious Business Growth.

In today’s episode, Betsy talks about how she helps people bring out the best in them and showcase their potential during interviews. She also talks about her books and the motivation behind writing them.

Listen in!

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Shake It Off Leadership-Achieving Success Through the Eyes of our Labels

 Miss Crabapple and Her Magical Violin 

  • A lot of times when we’re working with people and with companies to identify talent, we interview people in a way that’s helping them bring out the best in them.
  • We’re all taking a deeper dive into what work looks like, and discovering that we can do business differently.
  • There are ways that people can ask the probing questions that may not put somebody on the defensive.
  • It takes confidence to ask questions because if you have someone that’s afraid, no matter what the venue is, they’re still going to be afraid to ask some questions.
  • With the way the workplace is, we have to take some more risks as leaders.
  • It takes years and a lot of work to develop a great company culture.
  • It is important to handle problems as they arise otherwise they will explode.
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  • There needed to be more books written by women on leadership on the shelves, whatever shelf it is.
  • If this world is going to change, we have to give the up and coming generations the roadmap.
  • The world is setting itself up where the younger generations are actually at the forefront making change.
  • By writing this book, I wanted to share my journey and let people learn from my mistakes.
  • I also wanted to teach people that when they are looking for their coaches or mentors, not everyone’s a good fit.
  • From the very beginning of my professional life, I had amazing men and women who guided me to my success.
  • With Covid-19 pandemic, there was an increased level of focus again with being remote and it expanded a lot of possibilities for us.
  • Sometimes something tragic can shake us all up and shock our potential to see what we’re capable of.
  • Miss Crab Apples came out of a Saturday night story to my granddaughter when she was six years old.
  • I love to write for children because when you do that you just get to be in that incredible imagination game which is a great place to be.
  • By putting more books like that out there, our grandkids get to have a chance to see what a good conversation is.
  • Shake it off, be good to yourself, pat yourself on the back, and never ever give up.


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