Kick Start Your Marketing – Chris Pistorius

“Find something that you’re excited about and take action.” Chris Pistorius

Every business regardless of the industry it operates, needs good marketing in order to thrive and remain sustainable. Chris Pistorius has been helping businesses promote their businesses using online marketing, and says that it is important for businesses to understand their target audience before going out to do marketing.

Chris Pistorius is the founder of KickStart Dental Marketing. While Chris specializes in dental marketing, other medical professionals, marketers, entrepreneurs, and businesses can learn from his digital marketing experience of over 15 years.  Chris has worked with countless local business owners in all industries across multiple facets of marketing, consulting, and coaching. Chris has been able to build his local digital marketing agency into one of the top marketing agencies in the country, as listed on UpCity, SEO For Growth, DesignRush, Expertise & AgencyVista.

He shares his expertise by giving marketing seminars across the country and hosting a weekly marketing podcast. Before starting his marketing agency in 2009, Chris worked for online marketing giants AOL, Time Warner, Dex & MapQuest. He holds several online marketing certifications and is trained by Google on how businesses can get the most out of their marketing efforts. He’s also the author of “The Ultimate Guide to Internet Marketing for Dentists.

Chris resides in the Denver, CO area with his wife Michele, and two kids, Kaitlyn & Brody.

In today’s episode, Chris talks about his business and how he helps his clients with their online marketing. He also talks about his book and his motivation behind putting the book out.

Listen in!

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Book: The Ultimate Guide to Internet Marketing for Dentists: All You Need to Know to Effectively Market Your Dental Practice Online. 

  • Internet marketing has stabilized over the years, but the problem now is that there’s so many choices especially for local marketing, which creates such a complex marketing environment.
  • I started my company to try and untangle the web for local businesses, and help them understand how to promote their businesses using online marketing.
  • I started way back and learned a lot about what to do what not to do, and then created a company that I’ve owned now for 13 years, that helps dentists figure out the best way to promote their practices.
  • When I started the agency, at first we took on anybody that would pay us, but we later found out that it’s hard to effectively market businesses that we don’t know about.
  • We narrowed down our focus to market for dentists and this has really helped us and quite frankly, our clients.
  • The first two things that you have to do to capitalize your market place, no matter what kind of business you are in, is to first identify your new customer avatar and put it on paper.
  • You also need to identify your unique selling proposition and what makes you different from your competition.
  • When you have those two things, that’s when you can identify the mediums or what advertising platforms are going to work best based on who you are trying to attract.
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  • I felt that if I wrote a book about what I was doing, it would help make me a market expert about it.
  • Once I got to writing it, I realized that it was going to help a lot of people in business that were struggling and that needed a little push in the right direction.
  • I found that when you write a book, you have to do a lot of research, and in that process, I learned a lot of new things.
  • We get a lot of questions from our clients around time, fear of the unknown and money.
  • There are a lot of people that want the information, get excited about it, and then don’t really do anything with it.
  • Find something that you’re excited about and take action. It’s okay to fail, just fail fast, learn from it and move on.


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