Tacos Closets – Francie Brumley

What do the contents of your closet tell about you? Could you make a business out of what is in them? Our guest did just that!

Francie Brumley began working in retail when she was 16, and learned she had a real knack for sales and sales leadership. But like many who have spent decades in the industry, often missing holidays to cover shifts in busy malls, she was ready for a change.

Francie, also known as “Taco” to her fellow roller-derby athletes, had a closet full of unique outfits that could be loved again by someone else. Her business, Tacos Closets, was born. A year later her online business also has a selection of curated new and previously loved clothing, unique gift items, carefully purveyed facial products and more. Listen in to learn about her entrepreneurial journey that is now her dream job.

Find out more on: https://tacosclosets.com/

Facebook: @tacosclosets

Instagram: tacosclosets

LinkedIn: Francie Brumley