Don’t Let Fear Drive Your Car – Stacy Bahrenfuss

“When you are doing big things, big fear is going to show up.” ~ Stacy Bahrenfuss

Is something keeping you back from your fullest potential? Do you see yourself as limitless? Our guest today can help you with both!

In this episode we learn about her entrepreneurial journey in the real estate industry, which began at the early age of 19, her drive to accelerate the potential in others, and about her mission to smash the shackles of suffering by shining a light on the truth so that her clients can achieve everything they want. Her programs serve as a catalyst for deep inner transformation to create lasting whole life success, and how to do it all from a limitless, beautiful inner state.

Stacy Bahrenfuss is on a mission to guide female change makers to freedom and fulfillment to be limitless and leave a legacy. Stacy is the founder of Catalyst Group, and creator of the Inside Out Success Method, a system at the core of her premier consulting program for female change makers, Limitless with Stacy B. Stacy is the owner of a 7-figure real estate company, Founder of The Truth Teachers™ and Ultimate Break-through Accelerator™. Her customized results-oriented approach to personal development is reflective in her unmatched intuitive 1:1 consulting, intimate group coaching, and exclusive certification program.

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  • My mission is to really help people return home, to their power their potential and awaken all of themselves so that they can step into who they are supposed to be. [03:38]
  • Women are most powerful when they are tapped into themselves energized up on a self-care routine. [04:22]
  • It’s amazing who and what will come out of the wood works to try and get on your way. You are on the right track if you have a lot of speed bumps along the way. [08:40]
  • As women, as we build things we are so emotionally attached. We feel like they are a part of us. [09:32]
  • We have a choice every day to focus on ourselves or focus on serving our clients and asking them what they need. [15:50]
  • Commercial Top Dog Learning Group LLC. [17:28]
  • What are your thoughts on having people really be able to take better care of their selves and mental health and prepare them for the next transition in their lives? [19:30]
  • It’s never about the challenge externally, but the stress and suffering are about the internal dialogue commentary and suffering that creates more chaos. [20:52]
  • The biggest think is to pay attention to what is going on internally when external things happen. [21:13]
  • There are going to be a lot of people whose fear is going to manifest in a whole different way unless we start helping ourselves to take deeps breaths, relax, reflect and deal with the emotional side effects that come with along. [24:40]
  • Fear is always going to be there; you just have to consciously decide that you are not going to let fear drive your car. [27:15]
  • When you are doing big things, big fear is going to show up. [27:38]
  • The small you does not want you to accomplish the big things because that means you are going to grow and you going to impact a lot of people and bring them up with you. [27:52]


TopDog Learning Group, LLC is a leadership, change management, and diversity and inclusion consulting firm based in Orlando, FL, USA but with “TopDoggers” (aka consultants) throughout North America and beyond.

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