The Infinite Magic of Art – Kira Bursky

“Art has the potential to be a reflection of someone’s authentic experience, whether that be a story, an emotion, or just our perspective.” Kira Bursky

Creative imagination is always evident in the works that artists bring forth. The uniqueness of every artist is therefore reflected every time they put their talents to action. This is true with our guest today, Kira Bursky, who is a multidisciplinary artist with a passion for art and creative prowess. Kira has been an artist her whole life and believes that art allows us to step into other people’s realities.

Kira Bursky is the founder of All Around Artsy, an award-winning filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist. She is on a journey to explore perceptions of reality with each of her magic-fueled films and projects. She is inspired by our capacity to heal from mental health issues and is driven to tell stories of our ability to transform our minds and hearts into a perspective of infinite possibility.

Khas produced over 60 short films and music videos that have screened at festivals around the world from Los Angeles to Berlin to Beijing. In 2014 Kira was recognized as National YoungArts Finalist and was a finalist in the White House Student Film Festival where she had the honor of screening her work in the White House. In 2015 Kira was selected as the Best Emerging Female Filmmaker at the National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY). In 2016 she was featured in Seventeen Magazine as the April issue’s Power Girl and received the Emerging Artist to Watch grant through Le Couvent artist residency in France. Kira and her creations have been featured through NPR, Out Magazine, Pride, and No Film School to name a few.  

Kira’s YouTube channel has 40,000 subscribers and 14 million views. From November 2019 to June 2020 Kira produced “Considerations of Infinity.” an immersive projection-based film installation. She is currently developing the script for her first feature film, designing and selling clothes and products featuring her original art, and collaborating with a diverse range of inspiring artists.

In today’s episode, our guest will tell us more about her art and why she believes that art is important.

Listen in!

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  • I run a video production company and also do multidisciplinary arts. [3:55
  • Recently, I have branched out into doing visual art as well and now I’m selling clothing prints and decorative prints of my art. [4:02]
  • I have been on this artistic journey my whole life ever since I was a child and I have been into many forms of art. [4:19]
  • It was very natural for me to go down to the filmmaker path because filmmaking is this amazing, incredible art form where all art forms come together and you get to work with all kinds of people and explore all these different stories and perspectives. [4:28]
  • When I was 13 or 14, I knew I wanted to pursue filmmaking and so I discovered this crazy cool school called Interlochen in Michigan which is a high school boarding school where you are allowed to major in art form in high school. [4:55]
  • I ended up majoring in filmmaking while in high school and studied filmmaking for three years. [5:12]
  • By the time I was done with high school I started building up my company just to see how that would go and it turned into a life of adventuring and business. [5:18]
  • I am always working on new projects and the range of clients is quite diverse and it is really fun. [5:38]
  • One of my favorite parts is just diving into these different worlds and going on many adventures with my clients and my collaborators. [6:09]
  • I love my music video projects because they are so fun and each is so different with a lot of creativity involved. [8:43]
  • I feel fortunate that I get to work with so many cool people and meet a lot of musicians that I’ve made videos for. [9:26]
  • In terms of the process, I always want to make sure that I’m capturing the essence of who they are, the story they’re trying to tell, the brand they’re trying to convey and some fusing that with what goes on in my brain as I hear the music. [10:09]
  • Commercial Break. [14:10]
  • Art has the potential to be a reflection of someone’s authentic experience, whether that be a story, an emotion, or just our perspective. [16:34]
  • One thing for me that is a pressure in my life which I know affects a lot of people is social media and all the noise. [17:08]
  • I feel like art can cut through some of that noise and the pressures and the muck of all of this energy. [17:28]
  • The big thing for me is, is the ability for authenticity and vulnerability and how art can allow us to step into other realities. [18:47
  • It is just so fascinating how when you watch a film, listen to music, gaze upon visual art, whatever the medium is, how it can sometimes evoke something in you or you experience a sensation or an emotion, just a vibe that maybe you haven’t experienced before. [19:15]
  • So my company does all sorts of projects and we work with all kinds of clients. [22:38]
  • For a lot of the projects, the main thing that I like to bring to the table is the creative and artistic way of portraying a brand. [22:46]
  • I especially love to work with clients who want to find that unique charm of throwing around some words here, but that gives you a little bit of the energy I like to bring to the table. [24:03]
  • The last thing I’ll say is to experiment, have fun and try new things. Jump into projects that maybe you don’t even know what is going to happen but just out of this curiosity bubbling within you. [24:25]


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