Find the Fun – Caramel Lucas

“Any direction that you go with regards to art, it becomes beautiful if you put your time and energy into it.” Caramel Lucas

Caramel Lucas is knowledgeable in the business and entertainment industry. She has been in both industries for over 15 years. She is also a Podcast Host with her show called ‘Keepin It Real with Caramel’ “As We Say 100” on Anchor, a wide range on a podcast digital platform. Caramel interviews entrepreneurs who want to be heard and give her listeners inspirational and motivational messages.

Caramel writes her newsletter with Substack called “Keepin It Real with Caramel.” This platform shows people the expertise in Caramel creative writing. The readers have the opportunity to relate to the articles and give the readers inspiration and motivation. Caramel’s newsletter has the scenario, the truth, and the conclusion with an inspirational poem at the end of each article. In 2018, Caramel became a Published Poet with Eber & Wein Publishing and Poetry Nation. Caramel continues to express herself in her poetry. She became published in the Upon Arrival Edition and Quarantine Edition. She received a plaque for both and became one of the best poets in 2019 & 2020.

To keep pushing her career, Caramel decided to continue her education at IAP Career College and became a Keynote Motivational Speaker. Caramel speaks about Relationships, Life Experiences, Online Dating, Parenting, and Motivation. She has a story to tell and a purpose of helping others in their life journeys. In 2013, Caramel became a Published Author and published a novel called “In Love With The Other Man” which became a best seller. She went and ahead wrote, produced, and directed her featured film of the novel.

The decision to make a perfume fragrance with Waft called “Taste of Caramel,” was inspired by the desire to go out of the box and do something unique and fun. The perfume fragrance has a cashmere smell.

Caramel also does Standup clean and adult comedy and has performed at many comedy clubs, fashion shows, etc. She also became a member of Comedy Network Live (, Florida Comedy & Entertainment Movement, and Entertainers Worldwide. She hosts a Comedy Open Mic Night at a local pizza restaurant called “Pizza Avenue.”

Caramel is a member of the Toastmasters (Voices of Maitland Club), National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), IAPO (International Association of Professional Motivational Speakers), Notary Association, Black Speakers Network, and a member of the American Legion since 1997 and still active. She has also been a model where she has appeared in many competitions and has appeared in many movies and directed many music videos and commercials. In all her adventures, Caramel has loved her experiences and she continues to move forward.

In today’s episode, Caramel talks to us about her journey and the different experiences she has had in her life. She will also dive deeper and talk to us about her creativity in multiple areas and why she believes that art is important in the world.

Listen in!

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  • I love creating things and seeing and trying new things and I’m always curating something in my mind to find something new to do. [3:30]
  • I love motivating, inspiring, and impacting people because I want to show people that they don’t have to do one thing but whatever they feel like they want to do consciously and make something out of it and be proud that they have done it. [3:48]
  • I believe that if you’re working for something, you have to find something that you like so that you find the fun in whatever you do. [4:43]
  • At first, I was thinking about creating some kind of jeans, fashion, clothing wear, but then I thought that everybody does that. [5:31]
  • I decided to find something different than nobody does and fragrance came into mind. [5:46]
  • I called this company and told them I wanted to do a fragrance of essences that I loved to smell of which are cashmere, caramel, and vanilla and so we got together and made a fragrance that turned out to smell good. [5:53]
  • I wanted to something different that makes me feel good to say I did it. [6:18]
  • In 2013 I wrote a book ‘In Love with the Other Man,’ and I had a character that everybody loved and so I decided to take this character and let everybody see what she was really about. [6:53]
  • I had four girls in the book, Liz, Kesha, Denise, and Tanya, and everybody felt something about Liz. [7:10]
  • Liz was a married woman with three kids and a husband and she was going through so much in her life and I wanted people to see what she was going through. [7:24]
  • My friend of a long time who does productions asked me if I wanted to make a movie out of my book and I thought it was a great opportunity. [8:37]
  • I directed and produced the whole thing and with some of his input, we had the film done which was just amazing. [9:03]
  • I did everything out of my pocket without asking anybody for any funding because I wanted to do it on my own as I felt this was my baby. [9:50]
  • I’m always ready to take risks because I believe that you will never know the outcome if you don’t take a risk. [10:36]
  • Commercial Break [10:52]
  • My next goal is my stand-up comedy which I do as well and so right now I’m on a project with a local pizza place to do an open mic to give the community a chance to come in and showcase their talents including poetry, music, and comedy. [12:28]
  • We have been sitting still for a year and now it’s time to get out and get with the community and do something for them. [12:57]
  • I’m also working on a game called ‘Choices’ that is found on Play Store. [13:20]
  • I’m also doing my Portugal course and I just submitted poetry and now waiting to see if I am going to get an award from it. [14:02]
  • I feel like art is important because it shows it shows positive energy for me and shows people that you can do whatever you want. [14:35]
  • Any direction that you go with regards to art, becomes beautiful if you put your time and energy into it. [14:47]
  • When you have that positive energy, and have that wonderful art of letting people know the positivity, that’s what I do. [15:14]
  • We were down for a year and we didn’t have anyone around us but our family and now as we are opening up we need to embrace each other and calm everything down instead of being all hostile and all everywhere. [16:18]
  • Whatever art that you do it is a factor to unite people by accepting it or creating it and that is awesome. [16:35]
  • You only live once in life and so when you do whatever you don’t be scared of what other people think but do what you feel is best for you. [18:24]


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