The Joy Bus Journeys – Jake Shumate

“People are really created to have adventure, to experience adventure.” ~ Jake Shumate

How would you like to travel the country in a 1973 VW Bus, experiencing great food and enjoying outdoor adventures, all for the purpose of inspiring others to live a healthy life? Our guest today does just that!

In this episode we learn about how Jake combined his own personal wanderlust with his desire to regain and retain health and fitness, and how to help us all be more aware of our 5 senses. We also learn about where he thinks everyone should visit, find a fish taco or three, walk a beach or climb a mountain, and get back in touch with nature. And it’s all in his own backyard of Laguna, CA.

As a Firefighter/Paramedic for more than 16 years, Jake Shumate has witnessed most illnesses people experience can be avoided. To fight fire with fire, Jake created Joy Bus Journeys, a fun online show to inspire people to live a healthy life. Each episode, Jake takes viewers on a Joy Bus Journey where they learn the benefits of eating delicious nutritious food, enjoying simple adventures, and caring for the environment.

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  • People are really created to have adventure, to experience adventure. [04:10]
  • When you experience nature your stress levels go down. 04:34]
  • People’s actual environment, that they live in has a huge indicator of how healthy they are going be. [05:13]
  • Wherever you are there is some kind of adventure to be had, and its radically important for all of our health and wellbeing. [06:33]
  • Because we are so disconnected from the earth we have lost this ability to get rid of the negative ions. [13:46]
  • The idea of meditation is, awareness within yourself but if you do a walking meditation it’s really about awareness of what’s around you and how you are interacting with your environment. [14:26]
  • Something that I do when we go for a run, there is a spot with 6 trees and I would go to the trees and touch each of those trees. What I am running is connecting with the environment around me. [15:02]
  • It’s so helpful for our health physically, mentally, emotionally to remove ourselves from the story we are telling ourselves and move into something that is really present and around us. [16:16]
  • Commercial &Marketing U. [16:39]
  • What really folks don’t know about Laguna beach is that it’s definitely a food hotspot. [19:30]
  • For me and my family, going on adventure or a trip goes with eating delicious food. Those two things have to go together. [20:05]
  • One of the important things is that when you travel, you can use technology to your advantage, and go with what your intention is. [22:54]
  • Think outside the box, you can go to a local farm that does farm dinners or farm dates. [24:22]
  • When we eat it makes a big difference. [27:44]
  • When we eat and make choices about what we eat and where its sourced from we are helping the planet and helping ourselves. [27:59]
  • If it green and came out of the ground, it’s probably safer to eat that something that comes out of a bag. [28:15]
  • If you look at the ingredients and you don’t know what it is, don’t eat it. [28:20]


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