The Laziest Salesman in America – Gessie Schechinger

Gessie Schechnger considers himself the laziest salesman in America. And he is proud of that self-imposed title. He is also, strangely enough, the Chief revenue officer for OnCourse, a sales engagement platform designed to help companies accelerate sales growth with the power of automation. Which makes it the perfect tool for Gessie!

OnCourse has built-in email marketing, SMS sequencing, task management, phone dialer and CRM united in a single experience to materially enhance sales productivity. You have the ability and power to communicate and reach out to like you’ve never have before

Gessie believes in what he sells. Precisely because it helps him be successful without having to work too hard! Listen in a he tell us how to work smarter, definitely not harder.

Listen In!

Gessie Schechinger’s info:


Phone: 8015203648