Warriors at Work – Jeanie Coomber

“If you want to ignite a warrior within, most of it comes from your mindset.” Jeanie Coomber

Every person is unique and different, embodying their set of values, beliefs, experiences, influences, and cultural backgrounds. Your best self is that which has identified, acknowledged, and appreciated the differences in your abilities and continuously finds ways in which you can put them into full use. Our guest today, Jeanie Coomber, believes that by discovering your best self, you unleash the warrior within, making you more effective in your endeavors.

Jeanie Coomber earned her Warrior stripes through her journey of stirring her intellect and evoking her soul. She is still as relentless today about her personal growth as when she began her entrepreneurial journey. Before becoming a leader in creating thought-provoking media and content in support of working professionals, she spent decades as a world-class executive coach, helping smart, savvy, and sincere leaders ascend to the next level and become warriors themselves.

Whether she is interviewing a CEO or a subject matter expert, speaking at a conference, facilitating panel discussions, or coaching executives, she is known for being contemplative, captivating, and direct. Even more, it’s Jeanie’s ability to unearth valuable insights from her guests that allows her audiences to connect with unlimited choices, freedom, happiness, and courage in their careers and lives.

Above all, Jeanie’s mission is to unleash the greater consciousness and joy that’s only possible through the act of stirring and releasing your inner wisdom and become the master of your own life. Jeanie’s ultimate vision is to create a band of warriors in the workplace who are ready to go from the predictable to the potent. As part of achieving this vision, Jeanie launched the Warriors at Work podcast and show, and Warrior Conversations, a virtual monthly group discussion and quarterly in-person event focused on a topic of significance to working professionals.

Jeanie has been recognized by NJ Biz as one of the Best 50 Women in Business and holds certifications from Corporate Coach U, The International Coaching Federation, The NeuroLeadership Institute and is a graduate of Columbia University Business School’s Personal Leadership program.

With over 25 years of business experience, Jeanie is an expert in executive performance, project management, process improvement, relationship building, and team empowerment and has coached countless individuals across the globe on how to make significant leaps forward in their careers and lives. A sought-after speaker, Jeanie loves sharing the story of her personal Warrior Journey and nothing thrills her more than showing others how to activate their own Warrior Magic.

In today’s episode, our guest will talk about shifting the mindset to align it to purpose. She will also give tips and insights on how to be your best self by tapping into the physical.

Listen in!

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  • I think it’s important to start with the word warrior, and as a coach for the last 16 years, I have worked with leaders literally around the world in various industries. [3:34]
  • I have always done this one-to-one work listening to what’s going on within this person that makes them unique and powerful in the world. [3:46]
  • I gravitated to the word warrior when I was considering expanding my footprint. [3:39]
  • When a warrior is a brave and experienced soldier, they demonstrate bravery and courage and optimism, and a willingness to step forward into things. [4:09]
  • This embodied what I would see in the conversations that I was having with leaders around the world. [4:23]
  • I took a big chance on myself, brought in some great experts, and decided to expand my footprint to provide a platform to get into dialogue with men and women in the workplace and to talk about things beyond professional attributes. [4:51]
  • What makes us unique and brings us magic when we are at our best are the things outside of our professional attributes, such as our intuition, our soul, and our ability to assess situations and people. [5:20]
  • I decided to create a platform that provides for us to talk about all things, and that was really the impetus behind expanding what I was doing in the world and providing a platform to do that. [5:34]
  • I launched my brand last February, thinking I was going to have all the time in the world to make this shift from executive coaching. [6:14]
  • March hit, and I lost about 40% of my business very quickly because no one was hiring an executive coach, and all my travel got canceled. [6:43]
  • I felt this calling to get into service to the business community, so I grabbed my phone and started serving up as much as I could through Facebook Live, which was the quickest, most efficient way to get content and conversation out there. [6:51]
  • What I got in return was tremendous community, and I learned so much about myself because I was going through it like everybody else. [7:12]
  • Through the conversation, the brand took flight, and I was able to bring forward a lot of the concepts and the things that I had thought to bring forward in a practical and robust way. [7:24]
  • Now it is more of a sophisticated platform, but the concept in the original intention is the same. [7:48]
  • It’s intended to be in service to the business community. We’re talking about things that are more than our professional attributes and not being afraid of all of those things that make you unique and powerful in the world. [7:58]
  • I still do executive coaching and what I have noticed is that we have expanded our capacity in the world, and we have a lot more to us than we realize. [9:51]
  • What I think will happen is there’s going to be really deliberate conscious shifts in how we show it in our lives. [11:02]
  • All of the lessons, insights and wisdom that we’ve gained in the last year and half needs to be a part of the narrative. [14:54]
  • In my opinion, there is a massive change happening, and organizations are looking at people and talent through a very different lens like never before. [15:41]
  • I am also really excited about Gen Z coming into the workplace, what they’re going to bring and how they will elevate. [16:06]
  • Commercial Break. [17:08]
  • The most common theme that I’ve seen that ignites the worrier within is when I asked the question, “when you are most effective, and you are at your best, what does it look and feel like?” [18:49]
  • When you think about your most effective version of yourself, that is your steady and anchor. [19:32]
  • There are a couple of ways that you can get there and some of my favorite techniques are tapping into your physical and not just relying upon your intellectual horsepower. [19:41]
  • Your power center is right around your diaphragm which is right below your rib cage, and when you breathe, it triggers the parasympathetic system just by physically touching that part of your body. [20:15]
  • Another one of my favorite things is putting your finger on the forehead right between the eyebrows, bringing your chin to your chest, uncrossing your legs, and making sure those feet are firmly on the ground and you sit and breathe. [21:39]
  • Your forehead right between your eyebrows is where your prefrontal cortex is and is usually where your best self is. [22:05]
  • Just by pointing to it also allows you to bring all of your energy back to your executive thinking mind, interrupt all of the noise, and bring forth a great version of yourself. [22:13]
  • Another way to amplify If ever you get nervous or someone’s coming at you, always uncross your feet and get your body in an expansive position. [24:25]
  • If you want to ignite a warrior within, most of it comes from your mindset. [25:54]
  • Being afraid, constricting, or having insecurities is all normal and all people go through it, and I learned that naming wherever you are normalizes it. [27:01]
  • Take that question around your most effective self, put pen to paper when you’re most effective, and put language behind it. It will help you to inform what your next move is. [28:46]
  • If you have something that’s always playing in the background, just by putting pen to paper, it will help bring some of that up. That is information that will help you step more and more into the best version of yourself. [29:21]


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