The Leveraged Business – Fabienne Fredrickson

“Your business cannot grow until you shift you inside, because leveraging your business starts in your mindset.” Fabienne Fredrickson

As you lead your business to exponential growth, you have to grow as well and shift your mindset to align with the reality of where you want your company to be. Otherwise, you become the bottleneck for your business to thrive. This is according to our guest today Fabienne Frederickson, who says that it all starts by getting structured for your nature.

Fabienne Fredrickson is a powerful mentor for solo business owners who seek to make the greatest impact they can in their work, all while creating certainty in their business. Fabienne believes that when women who are really going to tie into their heart core, make their own money and lots of it, they experience a profound feeling of safety.

She’s the founder of the and and she’s been a mentor to women business owners for over 20 years. Her predictable process, taught in the leverage business program practically guarantees that a business owner will multiply their results with more downtime once fully implemented.

She is recognized by so many sources in the media, including some big names like Inc Magazine, Fast Company, Forbes, Entrepreneur, American Express Forum and the New York Times. She is the author of multiple books including, The Leveraged Business and Embrace Your Magnificence.

In today’s episode, Fabienne talks about how she took her business to the next level of performance. She also discusses her most recent book that guides entrepreneurs to make greater impact with their business.

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  • In my late 20s, I realized that working for someone else was not going to make my life feel meaningful. [3:31]
  • I left corporate and opened up my own holistic nutrition practice out of my teeny tiny apartment in Manhattan. [3:51]
  • At some point I needed to figure out how to get clients and I created the client attraction system which I became known for. [4:31]
  • I learned that what gets you to six figures a month consistently in your business will never get you to a million, and to get there, you actually need to work less. [5:58]
  • Once I understood the concept of leverage in business, I began to leverage every aspect of my business, which eventually got me to seven figures. [6:20]
  • Once you apply the eight leverage activators, which are all featured in the book, ‘The Leveraged Business,’ it will take you to multiple figures every year. [7:12]
  • Getting your business to earning multiple figures has nothing to do with the money, but rather about who you become, and how many lives you’ve impacted. [8:59]
  • I’ve been teaching the program for more than 10 years, and I put it all into a book. [10:22]
  • It starts with leveraging a team because you need people to help you simply because you cannot do it all on your own. [10:30]
  • There are four things that you’re looking for when hiring including the skill set, experience, wiring, and culture fit. [11:26]
  • Next is to leverage your systems whereby anything that’s done more than once in your business needs a system and a procedure around it. [11:48]
  • The other is to leverage your time which is about having the visionary getting into their unique zone of genius and that is where you exponentially grow your business. [12:37]
  • The fourth activator is called leverage your business model where you need to change your mindset around how to deliver your work in the world. [13:38]
  • Every time you pull yourself out of the day to day of your business a little bit more, there is a part of you that’s required to create the system to give guidance to the team. [16:11]
  • Once you’ve got your leverage your team, systems, time and business model, the nest step is to leverage your marketing. [17:15]
  • Leveraging your marketing is about becoming omnipresent. [17:35]
  • This then leads us to leverage your accountability where we have everyone know that they are responsible for growing the business. [18:01]
  • The seventh activator is differentiation where you look to never have to compete with anyone. [20:05]
  • Activator number eight is leverage your lifestyle which is about starting to live your ideal life now rather than later. [21:49]
  • Most entrepreneurs believe that the person who founded the business should be running the business, and that could not be further from the truth. [23:11]
  • Hiring a person that you can trust, who is wired opposite from how you’re wired is how you can let go of the white knuckling around your business. [23:22]
  • Commercial break. [25:03]
  • Your business cannot grow until you shift you inside, because leveraging your business starts in your mindset. [29:04]
  • When leveraging your team, there is a mindset shifts that need to happen for you to hire a rock star team. [30:16]
  • A lot of people try to do it on their own and wondering why it’s not working, and the reason is because true transformation happens when we are witnessed. [32:21]
  • Most of the time you know you are supposed to do better, but you’re not doing it, and that is because isolation breeds self-doubt. [33:09]
  • When you are surrounded by mentors, you start to believe in yourself and there is no way you cannot succeed. [34:15]
  • If you understand how you are wired, and instead of beating yourself up, you get structured for your nature, there is nothing you can’t do. [37:23]
  • Understand that there has never been anybody like you, and your song needs to be heard far and wide. [39:24]


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