Becoming A Conscious Parent – Nina Cruz

“We have the power to create the environment, create the space and get curious about what’s really going on.” Nina Cruz

Practicing mindfulness while making parenting decisions, can go along way in ensuring better connections and relationships between parents and their children. Our guest today Nina Cruz, has been helping parents understand and cope better with parenting challenges, and says it is all about focusing on learning self rather than being fixated on molding the child your way.

Nina Cruz is a certified Conscious Parent Coach, Social Worker (BSW), and Meditation Teacher who’s made it her mission to support parents through shifting archaic parental paradigms, many of which contribute to increased stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and feelings of disconnection for themselves, their partners, and their children. Her approach to coaching revolves around trauma-informed care that puts others at-ease, providing a safe space for everyone to facilitate their individual healing and growth.

Nina knows that when a parent’s inner world shifts, the whole family shifts with them in extraordinary ways, changing parent-child dynamics that foster relationships of love, harmony, and genuine familial connection. Families that gain a new sense of awareness through knowledge and understanding of their own narratives effectively create a new blueprint for themselves—this is why one of Nina’s many passions is encouraging parents to do their own Inner Work so they can experience more freedom and joy while balancing everything life has to throw at them.

In addition to incorporating meditation and mindfulness practices into her work, Nina also organizes online and in-person parent networking events, where parents of all walks of life share and revel in their successes, failures, and self-improvement journeys. Nina leads these events so her attendees can become Creators of their lives and attract more of what they desire by aligning with Universal Laws.

In today’s episode, Nina discusses the concept of conscious parenting and why it is important not only to children and parents, but the society as a whole.

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  • I coach parents and support them to find and build more connections with their children by helping them to look at their own patterns and paradigms. [3:42]
  • Behavior is the tip of the iceberg, what goes on beneath the surface is something different and a lot of this stems from childhood. [4:14]
  • It is very hard to look in the mirror and so I support parents to do that in a real comforting way. [5:53]
  • By shifting, you change your legacy, the trajectory of your children’s children, and it basically changes the world. [6:50]
  • A lot of the times we’re parenting out of ego but basically no one wins, because you meet your child with resistance and they’ve got resistance too because of ego. [10:04]
  • It is learning, unlearning and a new way of looking at your child as your teacher and that the child before you is actually growing you up. [10:17]
  • By looking at parenting through the lens of my child is teaching me, it no longer becomes about blaming and shaming the child, but taking your power back as a parent. [10:30]
  • Parenting is about growing you up, and not the child before you. [12:24]
  • The child is perfect and we need to step back and get out of the way and not try and mold and shape them into who they need to become. [12:27]
  • It is a whole different way of experiencing and looking at parenting, and that’s why it’s so transformational. [12:50]
  • Our children are amazing at showing us where we are out of alignment. [13:30]
  • When you have parents that are very strict, and there’s fear-based parenting, children go under and hide things. [18:34]
  • We have the power to create the environment and create the space and get curious about what’s really going on. [18:55]
  • Commercial break. [19:58]
  • Your child is going to do what you do because they’re picking up your energy. [23:24]
  • We all have our mess ups but we need to learn from it. [25:47]
  • The first great lesson I have learnt in my entrepreneurial journey is to trust the process and trusting myself. [27:06]
  • It is incredible when you come from that intention of what you’re wanting to create and not from a strategy that you told to do. [28:33]
  • In terms of manifesting what you want in your life, our subconscious mind is what triggers the law of attraction, and manifestation, and we need to be in the vibration of what we’re trying to create. [29:12]
  • If you want to create, you need to step into the energy of what you’re creating, and that opens up ideas and synchronicities. [30:28]
  • The more you can get into that vibration and takeaction from that space, the result would be different. [31:28]
  • If you are a parent, get your priorities set and don’t sweat the small stuff. [31:13]
  • You are the director and curator of your own movie, and don’t be an extra in your movie but rather get in the driver’s seat. [34:47]


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