Leadership is Influence – Sherri McManus

“We can only lead at the level of our own development.” Sherri McManus

Personal development is a lifelong process. It gives you the opportunity to assess your life and upskill in order to fulfill your purpose more effectively. Our guest today Sherri McManus, provides coaching for leaders to help them achieve better outcomes for themselves and their businesses, and says that it is all about working on the mindset, and retraining it everyday to be aligned with the bigger purpose.

Sherri has Master’s degree in Organizational Management, and 19 years in management, training, teaching, and coaching. She has skilled and seasoned experience with personal and professional development.

Sherri is a certified Leadership Coach and Trainer and is instrumental in connecting The Lou Everett Group to you and your personal and professional needs. She is also a Certified Trainer in the DISC method of human behavior analysis.

One of Sherri’s passions is telling her personal and inspirational near-death story on the result of poor leadership in hopes of positively impacting the Leadership landscape.

Sherri’s passion is seeing that ‘ah-ha’ moment in the eyes of those she trains and coaches – truly Transforming Lives!

In today’s episode, Sherri talks about her passion for coaching, and why investing in one self through personal development is important for leaders who want to impact and influence their people at a higher level.

Listen in!

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  • My husband and I are the Lou Everett Group, and we are business and executive leadership coaches and corporate trainers. [3:12]
  • What we really love and focus on is helping businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve over 500% growth in their business and professional lives, through our proprietary coaching system. [3:21]
  • The most important message that we send is that leadership is not a title, rather leadership is influence for the greater good. [5:49]
  • We talk to ourselves more frequently, either out loud or in our heads, more than to anybody else during the day. [7:46]
  • We have to be so intentional of what we put in our minds. [8:05]
  • We need to be around people that are not only happy, but we also need to have up lifters, to tell us the truth. [8:35]
  • I learned from my mentor that we need to do a mental floss where we retrain our thoughts and what we’re doing. [12:16]
  • If we keep doing the same things over and over again, and it’s not giving us the results, that we have to be honest with ourselves and look at changes that need to be made. [12:31]
  • Something really important that I have learned in the entrepreneurship journey is that obviously it’s not a straight line and that you do have to enjoy the journey of it. [13:21]
  • I really strongly encourage people to do a reflection every day. [13:47]
  • Commercial break. [14:42]
  • The biggest thing that I learned is the difference between having the mindset of being a business owner versus an employee. [19:50]
  • Do not look at your business as your baby, rather look at it as a machine that you’re building as you’re going. [20:05]
  • With this understanding, then you can do what you need to do to achieve your business goal. [20:28]
  • At some point, especially as you’re going through the entrepreneurship journey, you have to look at personal development, or even growth as an ongoing journey. [25:39]
  • We can only lead at the level of our own development, and you can’t tell others to invest in you, when you can’t invest in yourself. [25:48]
  • Human beings are the only ones in the world that limit themselves and we got to change that through our level of awareness.
  • I suggest that when finding a coach, go through a couple of them by having a conversation with them, because every personality is going to be a little different.
  • You have to step out of the picture so you can see the whole and that’s another great mindset.
  • I can’t stress enough on investing in yourself by personal development. [31:22]


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