The Next Adventure -Susan Beard

It all began with a postcard of a dog dressed like famous painting of The Girl with the Pearl Earring. Our host Michael Sherlock was wandering through a street art festival in Philadelphia when one of the exhibitors caught her eye. A rack of postcards with portraits of pets made to look like works of art. They were hilarious and incredible, and a part of their company called Regal Beagle. But that is only one element of this amazing photography company.

Founder and owner of Susan Beard Design, Susan Beard has photographed an incredible list of prominent people. Past presidents, world leaders, and more have been captured by her lens. And her laughter and love of life are infectious.

Join us while we speak with her and top creative talent Ericka Schupp as we talk photography, Regal Beagle adaptations of the Queen’s corgis and more!

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