The Power of Content- Veronica Sagastume

How important is content in your marketing strategy? According to our guest today, it can truly make or break your business.

Veronica Sagastume is an ex-corporate CFO turned content marketing strategist with a passion for helping accounting, bookkeeping, and tax business owners create content to increase their visibility on social media and grow their business online.

In 2016, Veronica ventured online to help other accounting, finance, and tax business owners learn how to show up online with a strong content marketing strategy to attract and connect with clients. Helping them to show up like the experts they are, make a greater impact, increase their online visibility, and grow their business online is her primary vision and goal!

In today’s episode we talk about Veronica’s personal journey from the corner office to starting her own business, all to be able to be flexible enough to help care for her true-Life Coach. Her grandmother. We also talk about how to have fun with content, revamp, and reuse, and to leave room for imperfect creation.

Veronica has built a thriving consulting and coaching business from the comfort of her own home and is excited to share her journey. 

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