Makes Love Happen – Hayley Burgin

Hayley Burgin, founder of HAYLO Weddings and Events, says there are two kinds of brides. The bride who needs and wants everything (venue, theme and vendors), and the bride who had it under control but is now overwhelmed and needs help.

Her primary goal is to keep everything on task, and thus make this special day more enjoyable for everyone.

Haley’s year of experience in the hospitality industry has given her the tools to create exceptional experiences, always putting the bride and groom at the center of her focus She also knows the critical role that communication plays in keeping the entire event moving in a positive direction.

Do not be fooled to believe that everything goes smoothly, however. But when things go sideways, she does not panic. She simply takes a breath and looks at the situation from a different angle.

Join us today for a peak behind the curtain of a wedding planner.