Every Person Deserves a Good Leader – Gene Hammett

Do you believe that every person deserves a good leader? Our guest today certainly does.

Gene Hammett is a leading expert on high-growth company culture and leadership. He has decades of experience with more than $40 million in revenue for the companies he has led and owned. Gene has interviewed more than 530 CEOs of high-growth companies to understand the core principles of fast growth. He consults companies to activate new growth and reduce the high cost of ineffective leadership.

After 15 years of being a serial entrepreneur, Gene has built teams and taken many companies to two times and three times growth. He has worked with more than two dozen companies on the Inc 5000 list. Recently he realized the biggest driver to fast growth was the ability for companies to create a growth culture and leadership that inspires ownership.

In today’s episode Gene challenges us to understand our core values and gives us three particularly important things to think about as we strive for greatness. He also shares some great free resources to help you to reach new professional heights.

Gene is the best-selling author of The Trap of Success https://amzn.to/34yEsSB, a book about breaking through to new levels of growth. He has leadership insights have appeared in large publications like IncEntrepreneur and Success Magazines. Since 2014, his show, Growth Think Tank (formerly known as Leaders in the Trenches), has been recognized by Inc., Business Insider, and Entrepreneur for its insight on growth and sales leadership.

Listen in!

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