The Queen of Algae, Shark Tank Contestant, and CEO of ENERGY bits – Catherine Arnston

Until cancer hits you, or a family member, you may never understand the trauma and the shift that it brings to both the victim and their family members. When Catharine’s younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, all the noise and stress in her life had to disappear in order to help Catherine’s sister. The doctor advised an alkaline diet, and this simple mandate sparked Catharine’s drive of research.

In this episode we talk to Catharine Arnston, the founder And CEO of ENERGYbits® as she takes us through her journey of discovering the healing aspect in algae and the positive impact it had on her sister’s health. And on the way, Catherine also had the opportunity to highlight her company on ABC’s Shark Tank. What a journey it has been!

Listen to this interesting story!

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