Customer Service & Beyond – Dawn Mushill

What ‘wow factor’ comes to mind among your customer experiences? For Dawn Mushill, it was a negative customer experience that prompted her to do what she does. Dawn started providing customer service training after one memorable moment made her realize that most employees are not trained to understand and value the lasting impression, they leave their customers with.

Dawn has spoken to audiences on the radio, television, international radio, to non-profits, for profits, schools, large companies, and small companies. Her most requested topics include “Change Your Attitude, Change Your Underwear”, “Be An Owner of Your Job, Not a Renter”, “What Is Your WOW”, “Living the life you love” and a few more!  She hopes to speak all over the United States to inspire people to do their best.  

Each day, Dawn encourages people to find their passion as she did and their entire lives will change! Find out more

Dawn is the author of “Customer Service and Beyond … it is all about the WOW!” Order Dawn’s Book!  Amazon Link:

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