Travel Assist – Veronica Woodruff

“It’s not always the destination, it’s the journey that gets you to the destination that makes or breaks your experience.” ~ Veronica Woodruff

Do you love to travel but you are dreading it because of the new additions to your family? Who said travelling with young kids have to be a hustle anymore, in today’s episode Veronica Woodruff talks about how to make your travel experience with your kids easy and comfortable. Now you can be able to travel with your kids at whatever age without having the headache of worrying about how you will travel.

Veronica Woodruff enjoys traveling and spending time discovering new places and activities. Even after becoming a mom, a trip to a new destination did not stop her despite the difficulties that came with traveling with children. Having a marketing and technology background, she sought a solution for her problem in establishing Travelsist.  It was a dream all her life to travel. Now Veronica’s tireless work, being bold in pursuit of her passion, is helping other families worldwide fuel their love for traveling domestically and abroad, lightening the load with budget-friendly baby gear.

Travelsist was born for those parents who enjoy worry-free travel. We make vacationing easy for you, by hand-selecting safety-first, eco-friendly travel products to accommodate your family from arrival to landing and every place in between. Our commitment is to source the best products in the marketplace to suit you and your family’s needs and provide you with simple access to these items when you need them the most. We pride ourselves on focusing not only on the quality of the products but also in the steps we take to ensure that each product meets the standards and requirements for cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection. At Travelsist, we promise to treat your family like our own. We are the extra-friendly, over-cautious member of your family that will never leave your side.





  • The way we came up with Travelsist is, because my love for travel is so deep, it’s so deep that I can’t let anything get in the way of me travelling. [03:41]
  • Every time I get on and sit on an airplane I start to think differently, because I am exposed to so many different things, people, cultures, backgrounds and you able to put on a different lens. [04:34]
  • Travelsist meet and assist you from ticketing to plane side and everywhere in between. [05:28]
  • It’s not always the destination, it’s the journey that gets you to the destination that makes or breaks your experience. [05:50]
  • I have over 15 years of experience in this industry, I have seen it all and know it all. I have seen the horror story and I have been there before. [08:57]
  • Our plan in the future is to be able to partner with different companies so that we can be able to push families together when they travel. [10:53]
  • We ask our customers, “Is there anything you need that you forgot that we can bring it to you,” this is the prime to travel and we are there to deliver this to you. [12:03]
  • Commercial &Marketing U.  [12:25]
  • Our grown model is we want to be able to be everywhere across all airports so that way parents can truly utilize this service and can receive service on both ends. [15:00]
  • We also rent baby gear products. High quality baby gear from the top brands in the baby kid’s product range. [15:14]
  • The majority of our employees are parents themselves; we treat our customers as family, we wouldn’t give our family something we wouldn’t use ourselves. [15:52]
  • What is your destination of choice and why? [17:45]
  • Come and visit us in Atlanta. We can make it easy for you and your family to travel there. There are a lot of beautiful things in Atlanta that you may have missed. [18:00]
  • There are all these beautiful outdoor places that are still open to everyone and are great for your children to explore. [20:12]
  • Atlanta is always home; you will always get that southern hospitality and good vibes. [20:51]
  • Atlanta is always known for the outdoor festivals in the spring and summer. [21:05]
  • For all those mom and dads who think travelling with your kids is hard go for it. Let us help, let us make it easy for you. [22:35]
  • Don’t wait till your kids are older take them now, you’ll be surprised what they remember. 22:45]
  • All the end of the day as parents we want to give our kids the best learning experience and the best way is to show them. [22:54]


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