Travel Bubble – Matthew Dyas

“People are the same, no matter where you go, where you live, what you experience.” ~ Matty Dyas

Matty Dyas is an international Tour Leader from the UK. When he’s not locked down, he takes small groups of adventurous travelers on off-the-beaten-track tours around Eastern Europe and the UK.

He’s the host of the Travel Bubble podcast, were each week he speaks with travel industry professionals, globetrotters and adventurers about what countries they would include in their Travel Bubble.

In his free time, he can be found running ultramarathons or out on long hikes.

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  • What got you into doing this and taking some small groups on some really unique tours. [03:10]
  • I was teaching English basically to afford me to see the world in different positions. [04:03]
  • Some of the places I was guiding, I have never been myself. Not only was I taking others for their first time, it was also my first time. I was getting to experience it as well. [04:53]
  • Bangkok is one of those places where people are scared to go run in the streets. [08:01]
  • The places where we are going speak for themselves, they are beautiful, amazing and are full of history. [10:06]
  • If you are going to go on a group tour you have to be of a certain mindset, you have to be quite open because you know you are going to in the company of people for a certain amount of time. [10:30]
  • We create a smaller world when we go out further away from our homes because we are challenged, tested and we come face to face with the fact that most people are just like us. [12:46]
  • People are the same, no matter where you go, where you live, what you experience. [13:23]
  • Commercial &Marketing U. [14:00]
  • The place that I love sharing about and would recommend people to go to is called Transnistria. [16:09]
  • It’s a country that doesn’t actually exist, it’s only recognized by the UN. It is recognized by a few countries but the countries that recognized it are also unrecognized. [16:19]
  • When you go to a new place, maybe you’ve never travelled overseas before and you don’t want stress having a guide in such areas gives you a safety net and a stress-free experience. [19:16]
  • There is nothing I love more than being in an adventure by myself but some places you need guides who add value to your experience by showing you places and keeping you safe too. [19:54]
  • Tell us more about Travel Bubble the Podcast, what prompted you to begin this? [22:24]
  • The world is a beautiful place and I urge you to go out and see it. [25:09]
  • I am not all about going overseas and going to these exotic places, now more than ever it time to have a look at what’s around you and be grateful. [25:30]


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