VeriStrat – Bharat Kanodia

“If you want to sell your business in future, focus on getting the business to have consistent cash flow, and having it to operate on autopilot.” Bharat Kanodia.

Understanding the business, and having an accurate valuation is essential for every business owner. This is especially true when they are assessing business opportunities and costs. In order to effectively plan for the growth and eventual transition of your businesses, you need to focus on the important factors, and valuation is at the heart of it all. This is according to Bharat Kanodia, who also notes that when it comes to valuation, getting accurate information is important for effective decision making.

Bharat Kanodia has valued over 4000 companies and assets worth $2.6 trillion. He has appraised unique assets including the Golden Gate Bridge, Atlanta Airport, Uber, Airbnb, Yahoo!, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Mirage Casino Las Vegas, among many others. Bharat is the Founder of Veristrat, a company that advises startup founders and venture capitalists on valuations.

Bharat lives in the San Francisco Bay area with his family and enjoys sailing, golfing, skiing, and horseback riding

In today’s episode, Bharat talks about the unique role he plays in valuing assets. He also talks about some of the key things that are required to successfully sell out your business.

Listen in!

Media Handles;

  • All large assets like the Golden Gate Bridge or Atlanta airport or Empire State Building are insured by somebody.
  • After 9/11 happened, my company at that time, American appraisal, got a contract from Lloyds of London and their brokers to appraise a list of 200 assets around the world
  • I got some assets to appraise and it was a learning experience for me and my colleagues and my company also gained a lot of money.
  • I’ve since done many interesting projects and been privy to some very unique assets, and when other appraisers don’t know how to do it, I get called to step in.
  • If you want to sell your business in future, you got to focus on two things which are first, that buyers of businesses are looking to buy businesses with consistent cash flow.
  • Second thing is that buyers or businesses don’t want to do anything to enjoy that cash flow and therefore want a business that perform on autopilot to a great extent.
  • Commercial break
  • Strategy session is really where you’re mixing practicality of what’s happening on the ground with your higher level of thinking
  • At this point I get to pick the clients that I want to work with, and for me good clients are people who are open to listening.
  • Believe in the power of affirmation and meditations.


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