Marketing Boost – Marco Torres

“Find ways to plug additional value into your offers rather than discounting.” Marco Torres

While price is a primary consideration when customers make purchases, cutting prices may not always be the best strategy for your clients, and ultimately for your business to stay competitive. On the contrary, value addition can help you attract customers which will make you stay ahead of other businesses and remain competitive.  Marco Torres is in the business of marketing and encourages businesses to embrace value addition as a way to increase your client base and grow revenue.

Marco Torres is the Founder of He has helped thousands of business owners worldwide boost sales and scale their businesses by as much as 5-fold through the use of incentive-based marketing. He teaches entrepreneurs how to soar sales & marketing through the use of “Value-Add-Incentives” instead of discounts.

Marco Torres has been an entrepreneur since age 9 when he started his first business as a paperboy. By the age of 12, he had the biggest paper route in San Juan Puerto Rico where he grew up, and was featured on the front page of the newspaper for his accomplishment. Born in San Antonio Texas from Mexican heritage, Marco inherited the spirit of adventure from his parents. His dad Charlie was transferred with General Electric GECC , to San Juan Puerto Rico to take over the Caribbean market. His parents packed up and left their home and family to move across the sea to the small island of Puerto Rico in the 1960s. That set the stage for Marco to grow up with the spirit of adventure and entrepreneurship.

Marco aka “Capt. Marco” (the avid sailor) now spends most of his working time helping small and medium-sized businesses boost sales, and improve conversion rates without spending more money with the use of the Travel incentives his firm provides with a low-cost subscription model starting at only $37 a month.

He and his partners have revolutionized the incentive industry by making complimentary hotel stay certificates from 3 to 7 nights in over 125 worldwide destinations, plus hotel savings cards, and restaurant vouchers incredibly affordable, allowing the small business to stand out from the crowd and compete with the big boys.

In today’s episode, Marco talks about the importance of adding value to products and services as opposed to discounting, as well as how marketing boost can be an ideal option for businesses to offer greater value to their clients.

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  • One of the early lessons I learned from very early on is finding relationships with people better than I am and form partnerships.
  • By the time I was 23 years, partnering my older brother and my mother, we owned five restaurants and I owned a nightclub with another partner.
  • In my entire career, I’ve probably generated over a billion dollars in sales in one form or another for myself and my clients.
  • I’ve got a little bit of an idea on how to make those calls to action be a little more effective and generate more sales.
  • When we first launched marketing boost, it came about as an offshoot from another business of ours in the travel space.
  • We faced the challenge of having negative reviews in our travel site and started to look for ways to overcome this challenge.
  • To solicit positive reviews, we came up with an idea to generate positive video testimonials from our clients which we promised to reward with a complimentary hotel stay.
  • Today we have over 30,000 video testimonials for that one website alone, which we’ve leveraged into.
  • When we had to pay for the complimentary tours, we went back to our hotel partners, and we built what we have today, which is a win win win.
  • When we decided to do this, we decided we were going to revolutionize the travel incentive business.
  • We made our travel incentives super easy to use and made it super affordable for anybody to join our subscription program, and have access to these incentives.
  • Peak seasons and weekends record less availability, but we average about 32 weeks out of 52 weeks of availability at each of the destinations.
  • Commercial break
  • You join marketing boost for $37 and any business owner can do that.
  • One reason to avoid giving discounts is clients start to wait for you to offer your next promo cycle before they get involved in whatever your next sales cycle is.
  • Instead of discounting, you could add more value since psychological studies have proven that consumers are more likely to take action with an added value as opposed to discounts.
  • Business owners can use our travel incentives as added value to attract more interactions and action from clients.
  • When you pay $37 a month, that gives you access to give away an unlimited amount of all three of these incentives that we offer.
  • For the complimentary hotel stays, someone’s has to pay the activation fee, and most of our members let the client pay for that.
  • Hotel savings cards are like a gift card, but they don’t cover the entire room cost but essentially save between 10 and 50% off of the rooms.
  • You have to you have to use the incentives appropriately, otherwise, they may sound too good to be true and they won’t help you at all.
  • Marketing boost is not the magic bullet that’s going to solve everything especially if you don’t already have a good business, product and service.
  • Find ways to plug additional value into your offers rather than discount and marketing boost can do that.


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