Wild Coffee Marketing – Amy Anderson

“You can be the most phenomenal entrepreneur, but if you are not selling all the time, then you don’t have a business.” Amy Anderson

The entrepreneurial journey is unique for everyone, and this includes whatever it is that motivate people to get into entrepreneurship and stick despite the challenges. This is especially true for our guest today Amy Anderson, who despite her love for corporate, found herself on the path of starting and running a marketing business, and ultimately becoming the best at it.

Amy Anderson is a widely respected and creative industry leader who sees the unique opportunity to leverage creativity to transform both brands and entire organizations across multiple sectors. She has a track record of driving value for clients through brand and growth strategies, designing teams and innovative marketing strategies. Her work at Wild Coffee is focused on transforming businesses through a diverse set of disciplines and tailor-made teams that span brand strategy, digital marketing, PR, and marketing consulting.

Amy has more than 25 years of experience at brands such as Calvin Klein and The New York Times Digital and drives strategy, creative and implementation across Wild Coffee’s diverse client roster that includes e-commerce, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services and technology clients.

In today’s episode, Amy talks about how her business came to be, and her experiences going through the entrepreneurial journey.

Listen in!

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  • I’m celebrating my 30th year in marketing since I graduated from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with English and art history double major. [3:01]
  • I got a job with Calvin Klein in the broadcast division and was made the head of what they used to call new media which was online media and digital. [3:17]
  • I went into pure.com and was the head of promotion at Village in New York, which was the first website for women. [4:18]
  • When I was ready to start my own firm and to become a consultant, I was really armed with a lot of experience that I can bring multiple viewpoints to my clients. [4:58]
  • It can be overwhelming as a marketer to have so much data that you don’t know how to make it actionable. [6:22]
  • We try to keep it simple and look at five key performance indicators per engagement and that helps us to focus. [6:35]
  • Most people don’t focus on the whys and all the nuances of their journey and their experience. [7:47]
  • Looking at how your customer experiences you at every stage of the funnel, and focusing at being good and delivering at every point of the journeys is really important. [7:57]
  • We are industry agnostic and our clients benefit from our being in multiple industries at any given time. [9:47]
  • For a lot of these franchisors, having multi-unit operators gives them a level of sophistication versus an owner operator. [14:06]
  • When you buy a franchise, it is about the level of ongoing support available. [14:57]
  • People are working so hard, but just taking care of your team and yourself and being a little bit more focused on that is critical. [16:31]
  • Commercial break. [16:52]
  • I started small doing whatever I could get my hands on, and after my partner joined me four years ago, we worked together and started scaling the company. [20:21]
  • The biggest lesson as an entrepreneur was that you can be the most phenomenal entrepreneur, but if you are not selling all the time, then you don’t have a business. [22:06]
  • I started doing it more over the last two years, and now I’m very comfortable negotiating. [22:42]
  • If you look at different conversations since Covid, we’re having an authentic conversation with potential targets about what we do and we’re telling you in a really real way. [24:28]
  • We don’t establish trust through talking, but by deeply sitting still, and trying to understand what the other person is saying. [25:36]
  • If you can live a life where someone feels better after leaving your presence than they did when they entered it, you have lived a life well lived. [26:16]
  • When I was writing my business plan almost six years ago, the wild coffee plant was growing outside the window. [27:00]
  • It was a vibrant plant that I would have to cut back because it grew so well, and had some energy and I thought that would be the perfect metaphor for this company. [27:27]
  • It’s a little tough for everybody right and we’re all faced with a lot but we have to keep going right now. [29:04]


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