Wake Up Your Warrior – Christine Coen

When you start to shift your mindset and choose how you feel despite the current reality, you are going to be inspired to do actions that you were not inspired to take before.” Christine Coen

One of the most powerful tools to achieve your personal best in awareness. By being mindful of your health and fitness, you are bound to build both your mental and physical attributes that will enable you to live and be your best self. Christine Coen helps people become wholesomely fit and says that it all starts when you shift your mindset and choose how you feel despite your current reality.

Christine Coen is a NYC based Registered Dietitian and Fitness Specialist. Through helping people learn how to train their bodies in the gym to become physically strong she helps empower them to become mentally and emotionally strong to impact any area of their life. Through seminars, personal training, online coaching, nutrition coaching, accountability training, body fat and metabolic seminars, she is interested in providing value and helping people meet the best version of themselves.

In today’s episode, Christine talks about understanding and partnering with our bodies, to facilitate healing and empowerment.

Listen in!

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  • I call myself a mental health dietitian because I guide people to healing the physiological root causes that are negatively impacting our mental health.
  • Fitness plays a major role in your mental health.
  • Food can be the greatest medicine or a lowest form of poison for our bodies and our minds.
  • I do not encourage people to go on diets for weight loss or for a desire to change their aesthetics, because it just continues to perpetuate diet culture and lead you back to the same place.
  • There are powerful things that you can do and shift inside of what you’re putting into your body when it comes to nutrition.
  • I help people discover for themselves, what is helping them feel better, and what is contributing to them feeling worse.
  • When it comes to the practice of functional medicine, we look at the whole person and I have my clients fill out a lot of questionnaires to gather that information.
  • We do all have an innate ability to heal, and it’s about ultimately about learning to come back to our bodies and learning to understand, trust and partner with our bodies.
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  • Our thoughts and our beliefs have been indoctrinated into us and they lead us to make all these choices which don’t give us what we truly want.
  • When you start to shift your mindset and choose how you feel despite the current reality, you are going to be inspired to do actions that you were not inspired to take before.
  • I help people to really tap into the power of movement on their mental health, because the truth is that exercise actually creates an antidepressant effect in our brain and body.
  • Wake up your warrior podcast was born out of a need of hearing other people’s stories, and seeing that it’s possible to do something that you didn’t think was possible, especially in mental health.
  • I also bring on experts where we talk more about the science, the latest research and what’s going on in the mental health world when it comes to functional medicine and neuroscience.
  • Listening to the messages that your body is sending you whether a whisper or scream, and learning to interpret that language is one of the great things that we can learn and connect with ourselves.


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