Intuitive Branding – Sunil Godse

“When you ignore your intuition, you incur twice the cost.” Sunil Godse

In today’s increasingly complex business environment, the biggest challenge that leaders face is decision making. The constant need to make quick and wise decisions means that leaders have to find resources beyond cognitive processing, that will help them make sound decisions. According to Sunil Godse , intuition plays a central role when making decisions, and can be a great tool for leaders when making business decisions.

Sunil Godse helps those running businesses create a trusted brand by implementing a process he developed called intuitive branding that helps them unleash the power of intuition to make decisions that earns the trust of their employees and customers in under 14 seconds. When that happens, highly talented employees only want to work for them and fiercely loyal customers only prefer buying from them, stripping them away from other brands, which is exactly how they are able to eliminate their competition.

With his experience doing the same as an entrepreneur, it led to over $20 million in revenues, before moving on to helping a significant number of businesses collectively earn millions in revenues, including major brands such as Citibank, SAP, Rogers Wireless, and Western Digital. His advice simply works.

In this episode, Sunil talks about intuition and why is important to understand the role it plays in decision making, especially for business leaders.

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  • The journey of trying to get a good understanding of intuition came after I wrote my first book called Fail Fast, Succeed Faster.
  • When I thought back to intuition, what we often do is we think back to a time when we ignored it, because that’s when intuition was sort of the limelight in our lives.
  • As an engineer, I needed more of a balance between the art and the science, and so I researched and found that we’re actually born with intuition.
  • The way that intuition works when it comes to trust is that it starts to develop an idea of trust by looking at you and you looking at me and body language tone in as little as 33 milliseconds.
  • From a business context, if you do things the right way by tapping into your intuition, you earn the trust of your employees and customers within 14 seconds.
  • From an intuitive perspective, there’s four types of intuition that actually inform signals.
  • First type of intuition is called experiential intuition and is developed from everyday experiences.
  • The second one is situational intuition and the third of the four is called relational intuition.
  • The fourth type is called Creative intuition which entails creative creativity and how people make risky decisions.
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  • When you understand that your success is tied to how your intuition speaks to you in terms of the four types and your intuitive signals, then you understand how the intuition of others is going to work.
  • When you shift from looking at managing positions to managing people in positions, you start to filter people into your business, and allow them to be more productive by using their four types of intuition.
  • Change your messaging and your sales tactics by simply using your intuition to tap into your customers’ intuition.
  • When you ignore your intuition, it is twice the cost.
  • Every decision that you want to make has to flow through the four types of intuition, and in that way, you will be able to make the right decision in every situation that you face.


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