What Color Do I Need? – Dr. Serena Goldstein

“Trust your gut even when you are not so sure.” Dr. Serena Goldstein

Interpreting and understanding the body requires high levels of awareness, which can take time and practice to master. Dr. Serena Goldstein helps people identify underlying issues by asking more questions and digging deeper in order to get more clarity.

Dr. Serena Goldstein is a Naturopathic Doctor who helps guide patients to trust and understand the signs and signals their body is communicating for both health concerns and in their life through natural & conventional medicine modalities, as well as spiritual & ancient philosophy based practices to bring to light another view of what your symptoms may be trying to say.

Dr. Serena is primary care trained, and works with a variety of concerns like stress, hormones, anxiety, gut health, thyroid issues, and poor sleep, where she brings in her background of psychology to see the big picture, help decipher what the body is saying beyond the physical concern, and work with you in creating a plan for long-term health where you can learn more than ever about your body. 

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  • When I was in medical school, I always knew that my strength was in seeing the big picture.
  • We can let so many stereotypes get in our way and take so long before we’re even at the place to embrace our true gifts.
  • When I had my practice specializing in weight and hormones back then, I realized that the questions that were facing my clients were on a deeper level.
  • There will always be a bit of that unknown, and we need to cultivate the curiosity to explore beyond what we can see.
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  • In my journey I had to learn boundaries, and how to not manipulate energies.
  • We know that the clearer we are, the more success and alignment we gain, which also means releasing of what was.
  • When it comes to my patients, I always do these amazing combination of homeopathic, but also leave them with a couple of questions.
  • We know, sign or not, that there is something more, but the challenge is how we work with that inner child into really thinking about what is next.
  • The other kind of asterisk I always give to this is to make sure we check the macros and do the labs, but also the work on the mindset, because there is such a strong Mind Body Soul connection.
  • We are correct with the moon, because we are part of nature, which means that it may hit our organs in a certain way, and cause firing issues.
  • Using the charts, I find that we can learn more about ourselves by looking into the past to help us get an idea of not just for the future, but also the present.
  • Trust your gut even when you are not so sure.


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