The Artful Application of Influence & Persuasion – Donn LeVie Jr.

Are you looking for the next job, or are you looking to excel in your career? Our guest today challenges us, and his clients, to take a strategic approach to how, what they do today, means for their entire career.

Donn LeVie Jr’s career has spanned three decades, leading people and projects for such Fortune 100 companies as Phillips Petroleum, Motorola, and Intel Corporation, government agencies such as NOAA, and in academia as adjunct faculty with the University of Houston.

Since 2012, Donn has been solving problems as a speaker, consultant, award-winning author, and coach/mentor. He’s a well-regarded engagement and positioning strategist, leadership platform catalyst, and success expeditor for leaders and executives.

In today’s episode he distinguishes between a career coach and a Position and Influence Strategist. His mission is to ensure that we all think, plan, and execute our career moves more strategically, and how the artful application and influence and persuasion will take you farther than you ever expected.

Donn is also the author of five books, two of which—Confessions of a Hiring Manager 2.0 and Strategic Career Engagement—both won Global eBook Awards and International Book Awards for Business/Careers.

Donn’s books:

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