We Think in Questions – Kyle Gillette

“It is the power of question that makes all the difference in the world.” Kyle Gillette

Most often leaders face challenging situations which make them feel stuck and unable to tap into their strengths to lead effectively. To make that shift into being an effective leader, individuals must allow themselves to go through the process of learning and self-awareness. Our guest today, Kyle Gillette, has been providing coaching to help the leaders overcome these obstacles, and as he says, it all starts with asking the right questions.

Kyle Gillette is an ICF-certified coach, behavioral analyst, author, and creator of the SAGE Mindset Leadership framework. He works with small business owners and leaders. His focus is on helping his clients build powerful self-awareness in their life and business. Create extreme accountability to achieve big goals, dreams, and results. Maintain a mindset of growth. Then focus on fostering a life of empowerment of others so they can have the most influence and impact possible. He is the host of the SAGE Mindset podcast, developer of the Business Accountability Mastermind, and owner of Gillette Solutions – a coaching and consulting organization.

In today’s episode, Kyle will be talking about the genesis of his coaching and mentorship business. He will also highlight what he does with his clients to help them achieve their goals.

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  • I started my business three years ago, but the roots of it were about 15 years ago when I had the opportunity to work in a men’s mentoring program for about 10 years. [2:55]
  • I lived on a property with these guys that were18 to 25-year-olds that were off track in life and during that time, the gentleman that started the program mentored me for about 10 years. [3:07]
  • I had an awesome opportunity to be mentored by a business owner and I learned the value of mentorship and of helping and serving other people. [3:17]
  • Eventually, that turned into a bunch of opportunities to lead a team of 20 people which then led to the nonprofit. [3:47]
  • Primarily my job with my clients is to provide perspective, through powerful questions that help them shift mindsets, and then ultimately get results that they truly want. [4:04]
  • What I have discovered in business and previous programs is that you don’t have to be on an island. [5:25]
  • There’s plenty of support out there and at least one-to-a-few type of support where data behind it is amazing showing that it makes such a huge difference for goal achievement and moving forward.[5:44]
  • Some of the things that people tell me are extremely deep and it is the power of question that makes all the difference because that is how we think. [8:35]
  • What happens is we ask the question and then we answer it for ourselves and then we spat out our statement or opinion. [10:10]
  • SAGE came out of DiSC, which also came out of my experience with the alpha Academy, which was that men’s mentoring program. [11:33]
  • I did DiSC for a while and got certified. It is a phenomenal tool and I love it but I realized that it’s not mine, and I can’t do whatever I want with it yet I want to have my framework that I can do something with. [11:41]
  • I woke up at three in the morning with a word that felt like someone had said it to me and it was SAGE awareness. [12:00]
  • SAGE is four different things including self-awareness, growth, empowerment and accountability. [12:31]
  • You have to blow the roof off to build that next level which means that you have to take a lot of risks and that’s one of the key pieces of growth. [14:44]
  • The more space you have in that leadership home, the more people can be impacted by it, and the more you can train and send out. [15:08]
  • The reason I bring the send out part is that in that program I was a part of, we didn’t want them to stay there forever so I don’t want to coach the clients that I have forever rather I need them to get sent out and let them make the impact that they need to make on the world. [15:18]
  • Commercial break. [15:42]
  • The first step in empowering people and helping the leaders that are working for you and with you to be empowered to do amazing things is delegating responsibility. [18:15]
  • With that comes the need to give them power and authority and usually power is the harder one to give. Authority is position while power is actual functional leadership. [18:33]
  • The second one is a little bit more complex and it is tied to accountability and I have done quite a bit of research on the power of accountability. [19:01]
  • The possibility of attaining your goal can jump to 95% if you do active accountability where you purposefully meet with someone regularly to talk about the specific goal you’re trying to achieve. [20:35]
  • Those are two of the key things that I do to help people achieve what they want to achieve so in other words accountability is enormous. [20:50]
  • Sometimes, you don’t need that intensity of coaching but just need the camaraderie of other entrepreneurs that are that vulnerable to admit their weaknesses. [23:05]
  • If you don’t have that accountability, or you want more, you probably going to be surprised at who you can connect with. You can’t get a ‘yes,’ unless you ask. [24:55]


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