30 Second Success – Laura Templeton

“When you pour into other people without expectation, things just come back to you so much easier.” Laura Templeton

How can leaders create and maintain lasting and genuine relationships?

Effective communication is crucial when networking and passing information. The ability to explain and clarify important information should be nurtured by all leaders who aspire to make these connections. Laura Templeton has been working with leaders and notes that it is important to be present and engaging when networking.

Laura Templeton is the Founder and Chief Instigator at 30 Second Success, a company helping coaches, consultants, and service providers make better connections and obtain more business in 30 seconds or less.

As a Global Speaker, Author of 30 Second Success: Ditch the pitch and start connecting!  and Brand Communications Consultant, Laura educates in-person and virtual audiences on value-based communications that take your creativity to the next level and help you step into owning and sharing your brilliance with confidence.

An enthusiast for the written word, Laura is currently working on the next book in the 30 Second Success series. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring her new home state of Florida, spending time with family, friends, and Knox (her co-working dog), and teaching Archery to anyone interested in learning.

In today’s episode, Laura talks about the 30 Second Success formula, and how she helps people become better at what they do. She also talks about her book and the motivation behind writing it.

Listen in!

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Book: 30 Second Success: Ditch the pitch and start connecting!  

  • I launched 30 Second Success business about seven years ago.
  • I teach people a simple formula that that I use for myself on how to do the 30 second message.
  • There’s a lot of work that goes into the deep understanding of what it is that you’re meant to do and who you’re meant to connect with, and figure out how to put that into 30 Seconds or Less.
  • The value comes in from helping people just figure out how they can live into what they’re designed to do and really understand it.
  • When we start positioning ourselves well as taking care of other people, we start serving other people, and it’s not about what we get out of the relationship but rather what we give into the relationship.
  • When you pour into other people without expectation, things just come back to you so much easier.
  • You have to be willing to accept that you’re not always the solution, and know that there’s an opportunity for you to listen.
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  • I do believe that there’s always the right time for someone to finally sit down and write a book, and I did.
  • The real value in my book is not just how to write your message, but how to create connections and networking as part of your marketing strategy.
  • Networking is one of the most beautiful relationship models I’ve ever seen in my life.
  • The book is designed to help people understand how to become a more effective networkers and get out of their own way, and how that will then transform their business.
  • The benefit of virtual has really changed in the way that it also has given me access to a global community.
  • My advice to people of the millennial generation is to align themselves with someone who has more experience in networking and is willing to take you under their wing.
  • A lot of young people really have a hard time connecting with the people that they need to help them grow their businesses.
  • There is value in being present and engaged with someone, and having that intention of really listening and asking them to go a little bit deeper with their answers to your questions.
  • Believe in your ability to create the change you want to see in this world.


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