Brand Chemistry – Laura Beauparlant

“Figure out what makes you different, and embrace that knowing that the right people will be attracted to your energy.” Laura Beauparlant

Regardless of the path you choose as an entrepreneur, it is important to find out your goal and always align it with who you are as a person. Laura Beauparlant helps clients get clarity on why they do what they do, and says that it is important for entrepreneurs to step into their authentic selves for them to attract the right clients.

Laura Beauparlant is the founder of Lab Creative, the author of Brand Chemistry: How to Attract the Right Clients and Keep Them,  and the creator of Brand Camp. She is also an award-winning international speaker. 

An entrepreneur for the past 18 years, Laura leverages her creativity, experience and unique process to help ambitious, growth-minded entrepreneurs understand – and embrace – their magic. The results are aligned brands that stand out from the crowd, magnetize the right clients and produce explosive results.

In today’s episode, Laura talks about transitioning to branding and how she helps her clients create businesses that connect with their clients. She also talks about her book and her motivation to write it.

Listen in!

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Book: Brand Chemistry: How to Attract the Right Clients and Keep Them 

  • I created Lab Creative and reinvented myself with this new business where I stepped into a new version of myself.
  • I allow people to see their magic and create chemistry with their audience as well as create a business and brand that aligns with them.
  • My mission is to create a world filled with ambitious, fulfilled, prosperous and happy entrepreneurs.
  • I help my clients to step into their genius by leveraging my magic to find their magic and then bring it to the world so everyone can see it.
  • When working with my clients at brand camp, we do the deep work first that entails thinking, and then we design.
  • I often tell my clients that I’m designing and creating a brand for their business for the future.
  • Brand camp is my methodology, and is the process I take all of our clients through before we design anything.
  • It is really about all of the messaging and really understanding how your brand show up in the world, and how you are going to distinguish yourself from everybody else in your space.
  • I’ve combined my background and design with these newer skills, which I had to embrace and step into.
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  • My book is based on brand camp, and it walks you through the entire process of creating your brand. 
  • I wrote the book because I knew that I could only help us a certain amount of people through working with me one on one.
  • I saw my book to be a great way to elevate my personal brand, bring more business into my business, and to get me more speaking engagements.
  • For me getting really clear on why I was writing a book made me find my unique factor which was having a design background.
  • When you get to fully step into who you are, and get crystal clear on that, the right people will be drawn to you like a magnet, and that’s what brand chemistry is all about.


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