Soul Language – Lisa Dadd

“Your soul language may be very different from all those people telling you that you have to find success in a certain way.“  Lisa Dadd

How can leaders connect with their innermost self and manifest it in their daily interactions?

For years, people have been searching for ways and tools that can help them find out who they really are, and their life’s purpose. Lisa Dadd has been working with leaders to help them tap into their natural gifts, talents and abilities, through expanding their awareness and helping them understand their soul languages.

Lisa Dadd spent 15 years in the competitive industry of corporate healthcare, mastering strategic sales, marketing and management skills, from one of the world’s largest healthcare companies. In addition to the success, climbing the corporate ladder offered, was a deep sense her greatest potential was yet to be realized. With nearly a decade of independent consulting, an intense training in leadership development and facilitation of social emotional learning programs, Lisa has uncovered an innate way to access that potential.

Leveraging a diagnostic tool called Soul Language, Lisa now works with innovative leaders to integrate an awareness of who they are at their core, into the way they do business. The success of her process is particularly related to her unique approach to sales training. She believes that selling is a critical communication skill for all of us to have, because whether we are selling a product, a service, or an idea, we all need to create buy-in. Soul Sales teaches the art of creating buy-in, through the enrolling language of one’s innate energy. 

In today’s episode, Lisa talks about how she uses the Soul Language as a tool to help people connect to themselves and others. She also talks about her book and why she decided to write it.

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Book: Finding Fabulous: Paving the Path Between Paycheck and Passion 

  • Transforming from corporate to business made me realize that I needed to redefine success for myself and what that looked like.
  • I work with business owners and leaders in their own soul language and put that filter on the way they do business.
  • Sometimes the thing that is our super strength and brings us joy, may also be our kryptonite that takes energy out of us.
  • Put your own unique filter on things because everything either works or fails, but the question is whether it aligns with who you are.
  • When I came across the soul language tool, we started diving into what that was, and how we could use it.
  • I use it to determine how to bring personal growth and business together in a successful way.
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  • I always had this niggling in the back of my mind that I would write a book one day.
  • I started interviewing people because I wanted to hear from everyday ordinary people.
  • There were a lot of commonalities even though everybody followed their own way.
  • I realized that the summary of it all was that actually most people love, especially initially, what they’re doing and what they’re involved in until the environment changes unfavorably.
  • Sometimes it takes a bit of work to get your foundation under you as an entrepreneur.
  • Anyone who tells you they’re an entrepreneur and they’ve never failed is not really one.
  • Entrepreneurs are willing to live a short time the way no one else will, so that they can live the rest of their lives the way no one else can.
  • Your soul language may be very different from all those people telling you that you have to find success in a certain way.
  • My book brought me on my path to create my business, which now pays me.
  • For most people, they’re never going to make a million dollars selling their books, but it can help with the journey towards the million dollars by helping you get very clear about you’re trying to accomplish.
  • Life is speaking to us each and every day, the question is whether we’re slowing down to listen to it.


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