Authentic Connections = More Sales – Terry Lancaster

Terry Lancaster has lived nine lives. Maybe more! He is a cancer survivor who has been inside a building that has been hit by a tornado, been onboard one boat that sank and two planes that were about to crash, has had a gun held to his head and a knife held to his throat. He has lived through three teenage daughters and has been married over 30 years… in a row!

In this episode, Terry tells us what he has been doing with all these ‘second’ chances that have been given to him. He helps sales people make more money, get more reviews, earn more referrals and more repeat business by building deeper, stronger, more authentic relationships both online and in real life. Find out more on the proven strategies that can help you as well.

 Terry has worked with thousands of business owners, managers, and salespeople providing proven strategies for making the cash register ring.

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