Leadership Via Laughter, Honesty, Self-Reflection and Improvement – Izzy Gesell

Izzy Gesell is an Organizational Alchemist. He helps individuals and organizations transform their thinking from commonplace to extraordinary. He is also a speaker, an author and a professional facilitator.

Today we get to hear from him about how he approaches the concepts of leadership from a perspective of humor. Interesting, right?

Izzy uses humor to improve workplace environments, which eventually transforms those environments by helping individuals move to self-actualization.

Izzy is the author of Playing Along: Group Learning Activities Borrowed From Improvisation Theater (https://amzn.to/3198BaJ), a co-author of Humor Me: America’s Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter (https://amzn.to/3hUNvmB) and a contributor of a chapter on Improvisation as a facilitation tool in the IAF Group Facilitators Handbook (https://amzn.to/2ASfLpn). 

Find out more on his website. Learn more from his training on LinkedIn Learning page as well as his social media handles