Backwards Mapping – Michelle Wyatt

What is Backwards Mapping and how can it help you to remain flexible and embrace change? Our guest today will explain!

Michelle Wyatt, author of Buckle Up, Buttercup! How to Drive Success by Embracing the Power of Change, is passionate about helping teams and individuals find success by learning to embrace, navigate, and leverage change. By sharing the change management techniques used to navigate a huge career change for herself, Michelle helps others gain a deeper understanding of what makes change so scary and how to overcome those fears. She works with individuals seeking to make a change and organizations looking to help their teams embrace change, using proven techniques and activities to propel everyone forward.

In this episode we kick off our month-long series, New Year – Flexible Focus, which is dedicated to helping us move forward in our personal and professional lives while being mindful that anything can happen. As we leave 2020 behind, we still might have lingering pandemic challenges, but we can move forward, being cognizant of the lessons we learned last year about resilience. And if you might also be facing or contemplating a career change, Michelle’s advice will be of great help.

Michelle began her career as a primary school teacher with a graduate degree in K-5 Teacher Leadership, and has found her niche as a corporate trainer. She now lives in Western Kentucky with her husband Seth and two sons Cole and Case. She currently works for First Southern Bancorp. Buckle Up, Buttercup! is her first nonfiction book.

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