COBOT Nation – Gil Mayron

“I want to make sure that I’m getting a lot of thought leadership out there in the industry, with the hope that more and more people will get more accustomed to automation.” Gil Mayron

Automation is here with us, and has been taking place at a global level for a while now. For businesses that have embraced automation, the results speak for themselves. Yet still, other businesses see automation as a futuristic development that is yet to change the way we do business. Being at the center of the revolution, Gil Mayron notes that automation is here to stay, and that the businesses that don’t embrace it will most likely decline in the coming future.

Gil Mayron is the Founder and CEO of Cobot Nation, Architects of Automation. Gil is a pioneer of the consumer 3D Printing industry aas the founder and CEO of Botmill 3D, which manufactured and sold the first fully assembled consumer 3D printers. Botmill was acquired by 3D Systems Corp (NYSE:DDD). Mr. Mayron continued to lead corporate development strategies for the consumer division at 3D Systems. He composed the first ever licensing deals involving 3D printing with Sony, Viacom, NBA, Dreamworks and many others.

Over the past decade plus, Mr. Mayron has molded much of the 3D printing industry as it relates to manufacturing and innovation. His expertise in the creative application of such technologies, not only led him to be a leader in capital equipment sales, but an integral influencer and driver of strategic development solutions for his customers. This includes time spent as Chief Marketing Officer for Graphene 3D Labs, in which he created their first collaborative conductive material agreements with Lego, Bosch, and LocalMotors, and as Director of 3D at AIS

As a recognized leader in the early adoption of hardware manufacturing technologies, Mr. Mayron currently sits on the Board of Directors for the UNLV School of Engineering. He’s previously held a Board position with Mosaic Manufacturing, a 3D Printer Hardware Co. He is a current contributor and retired faculty member at the Adelson Educational Campus in Las Vegas, NV, where he facilitated their state-of-the-art technology incubator, helping students ideate and execute startups.

Gil Mayron currently resides in Las Vegas, NV with his wife and two children.

In today’s episode, Gil talks about his journey that led him into venture in to cobots. He also explains why automation is inevitable, especially where businesses efficiency and consistency is is crucial for success.

Listen in!

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  • I got into 3D printing in 2008, and our company rapidly grew which led us to sell the company, but handled all the corporate development for the consumer division.
  • I later started to look into all the automation stuff and found that it was very similar to 3d printing and started Cobot Nation.
  • At Cobot Nation we do Cobots which are collaborative robotics that can work with or without a human.
  • All the solutions we make work with humans, and we are the only US manufacturer of automation solutions that goes direct to the customer.
  • 3d printing is inherently slow, and we are always trying to find a way to speed it up and so automation is one of the areas that saves time.
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  • I want to make sure that I’m getting a lot of thought leadership out there in the industry with the hope that more and more people will get more accustomed to automation.
  • Automation allows for consistency and increased margins, and after COVID, we’re seeing a massive increase in automation;
  • Right now I’m on a mission to get automation out there and define Cobots, as well as scale very, fast.
  • The legacy brands which may still be strong now, may not survive when a startup comes out with a better and cheaper way of doing things.
  • For entrepreneurs, enjoy the grind as it lasts, and life will get easier at the end if you do it right.


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