Be Smarter Every Day – Steve Goodman

Have you prepared your exit strategy yet, either for retirement, sale, or succession of your business, or both? If not, our guest today has important advice that will help you.

For more than 30 years, Steven Goodman, President and CEO of SHG Planning, has provided insightful solutions to the challenges of business succession, wealth preservation, retirement, and charitable planning. He currently services hundreds of clients focusing on the needs of owners of closely-held businesses and high net worth individuals. Steven Goodman is the author of Business Succession Planning: A Guide to Transfers, Sales, Family Harmony, and Minimizing Litigation, and has also written numerous articles for leading trade journals.

In this episode we talk about being realistic about what could happen, taking time to work on your financial plan, being open-minded, surrounding ourselves with smart people you trust, and more.

Listen in!

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