Prepare for Amazing Success – John Stoj

Can a love of sushi play a role in your financial future? It can if you choose to work with our next guest.

After years of climbing the Wall Street corporate ladder, financial advisor John Stoj became disillusioned with false promises of outperforming the market. After walking away, John built and later sold a sushi delivery company, finally allowing himself to return to his first love – financial planning. But this time, things are different. With his own company, Verbatim Financial, John’s gone rogue with his pricing model, and is applying his decades of experience & personal touch to help clients simplify their financial lives.

In this episode we talk about John’s commitment to a truly client-focused financial plan, how his own entrepreneurial journey helped him to understand the unique needs, challenges and opportunities for an entrepreneur’s financial plan, planning your exit strategy and more.

Listen in!

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