Don’t Be A Best-Kept Secret! – Maria Koropecky

“I believe all of us have stories to share and that by sharing our experiences, we connect in our humanity.” Maria Koropecky

Once in a while, people experience situations where they feel stuck and are unable to move forward in their lives. When this happens, people set out to look for ways in which they can overcome the blocks and one artistic solution to explore is to seek clarity through crystal mapping. This ancient practice which involves deep and interactive conversations is especially recommended for introverts who have a difficult time getting their thoughts and energies aligned towards the direction they desire to go. Our guest today, Maria Koropecky, is very familiar with crystal mapping and uses her expertise to help people get in touch with their inner selves.

Maria Koropecky runs a creative writing coaching business that is geared towards the quieter creatives amongst us, helping them to get their ideas flowing and overcome writer’s block. Her vision is to help budding authors write books of influence, by encouraging them to have a crystal-clear vision and smash through any roadblocks that stand between them and success. Maria helps her clients, either in one-on-one or in group sessions, to tap into the energy of colors, chakras and crystals, so they can find their voice, shine their light and share their gifts. She understands the immense power of crystals and gemstones and has used her knowledge of them to create a unique approach to coaching called Crystal Mapping. Her work seeks to help people figure out where they are in life and where they would like to go next by drawing on the wisdom of crystals.

Alongside her Crystal Mapping Sessions and Write From The Heart coaching program, Maria is also an up-and-coming novelist writing from Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. Her forthcoming novel, Who is Donna Tiva? which will be the first in a three-part series, was inspired during her solo backpacking trip across Spain at 50, and it follows the journey of a single woman as she searches for love, her life being lit up and guided by the colorful characters she meets along the way. She also has a wealth of qualifications that inform what she does, ranging from an Honors BA in English Literature to certifications in Life Coaching & Mentoring, to Spa Therapy as well as Crystal Reading

In today’s episode, we will be learning about the art of using crystals to draw into the inner creativity and beauty that resides within introverts and have them express it more confidently through writing.

Listen in!

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  • I believe all of us have stories to share and that by sharing our experiences, we connect in our humanity. [4:26]
  • I want to encourage people to draw on their own life experiences and just put it out there. [4:43]
  • For me, it is a very creative and healing process for people to use their voices to express themselves and make a change, and be empowered. [4:56]
  • Introverts tend to keep it inside and it can be very lonely and so for introverts to be able to say out loud and express their feelings may not be easy. [5:57]
  • Crystal mapping is a heart-to-heart conversation that helps people figure out where they are and where they would like to go next using the wisdom of crystals. [7:26]
  • Crystals to me are metaphors for the universe which is very creative and dynamic. [7:36]
  • All crystals have their own stories, history, names, elements, and colors and they are all forged together by time, pressure, and heat. [7:50]
  • If they can go through this process of transformation and transcendence, then that means that we can as humans beings also. [8:19]
  • And so I draw on their inspiration and energy to encourage people to look around them and see the beauty of nature. [8:31]
  • What I love about nature is that it connects these dots that don’t seem related and it is the pace in between that is the magic. [11:20]
  • I help people come alive by expressing themselves and talking about what they want to create and that is always my joy. [13:10]
  • I coach people on opening their creative channels and being available to spiritual download through intuition and if there is anything on the way, you become aware of and clear it out. [14:47]
  • I am a very auditory person and to me when I write it has to sound right and it has to have a certain rhythm on to it. [16:17]
  • To me, writing is a craft and I have to put words together and choose the right words with the right beats and it is not linear. [16:40]
  • Commercial break [17:33]
  • I grew up in an artistic family where my mother is very creative and has a very good eye and both my brother and I are artists by nature. [19:51]
  • I found that art is healing for both the artist and the audience. [20:16]
  • That to me is why art is so important because it allows us to get in touch with the deeper parts of ourselves. [21:18]
  • I designed a crystal map and picked forty-four crystals that people pick from when we are having a conversation and fold them back into the conversation. [22:08]
  • They are very affirming and very positive and it is amazing the synchronicity that happens between the crystals that a person chooses and what they are talking about. [22:46]
  • Ammolite is the most amazing crystal because it is both a fossil and a crystal at the same time. [25:57]
  • If you have an interest in anything, explore it. Go into the world and uncover what is available. [27:37]


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