Progress Brings You Happiness – Alex Harris

“The more you start to realize how you can get outside of your comfort zone and be comfortable being uncomfortable the more you learn about yourself.” ~ Alex Harris

Most of us have dealt with Imposter Syndrome in one way or another, and our guest today has as well. The difference? He has found joy in the simple, intentional improvements of his life.

In this episode we talk about how he uses art and science analytics to increase the user experience of websites and apps, but that this approach has also proven valuable to his own pursuit of continual improvement. Right out of college and into his career, he realized he didn’t really know how to “show up” at work functions, in meetings, etc. And by tackling some of his fears heads on, like public speaking, he found joy is just trying to continually get just a little bit better.

Alex Harris is a conversion-focused web designer, online marketing expert, and best-selling author. Boost E-commerce Sales and Make More Money- Three Hundred Tips to Increase Conversion Rates and Generate leads and Small Business Big Money Online – A Proven System to Optimize eCommerce Websites and Increase Internet Profits. He is also the host of the Happy Progress Growth Podcast. Alex’s goal is to help you maximize the ROI of your life. 

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  • I use art and science analytics to improve the overall user experience of websites and apps. [02:29]
  • We not try to understand what drives people complete certain goals on the internet then design experiences and test them. [03:07]
  • The more you start to realize how you can get outside of your comfort zone and be comfortable being uncomfortable the more you learn about yourself. [04:12]
  • Podcasting was really a way for me to express myself. [06:01]
  • Podcasting helped me organize my thoughts, speak in comfortable and uncomfortable situations. [06:17]
  • The things that you think a lot of times are not real, it’s what your perception of yourself is. [11:18]
  • Commercial Top Dog Learning Group LLC. [12:33]
  • My goal is to interview entrepreneurs or people who have experience in growth and how to be super successful and what drives their happiness. [15:29]
  • You have to purposefully go out and seek that knowledge, seek that experience sometimes even when it’s really uncomfortable. [17:37]
  • When you take people along this journey through your podcast as you are interviewing them what kind of things do, they real do or what kind of stories do you hear from them? [19:56]
  • People; go getters, are not willing to let life dictate their intentions, they will decide to make a difference and they will change. [21:21]
  • Start, be intentional about what you want to accomplish. [23:26]
  • Create big hairy audacious goals for yourself and go after them. [23:49]


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