Find Your Career Sweet Spot – Dr. Benjamin Ritter

“The reason why a job is a right job is that there’s a multitude of factors that come together to create some level of satisfaction.” Benjamin Ritter

One of the most recognized and effective ways to giving back to society is providing mentorship. It is an important development and learning experience that enhances the lives of people both professionally and personally.  Our guest today, Benjamin Ritter, has been providing career mentorship at different levels and capacities and says that it is about encouraging people to find roles that bring satisfaction and fulfilment.

Dr. Benjamin Ritter, is a leadership and career coach, values geek, regional learning manager for YPO, national speaker, podcaster, author, mentor, and passionate about guiding others in finding, creating, and sustaining a career they love. With over 10 years of experience coaching and a background in organizational leadership and learning theory, Ben understands how to navigate any career path you decide you want to travel.

Since launching his coaching practice he has guided hundreds of professionals toward creating the career they love and has impacted thousands through his events and media content. From empowering young professionals to get unstuck, to guiding senior leadership on how to stand out from the competition and develop executive presence, Ben is an expert in his field and will guide you toward truly living for yourself at work and in life. Ben received his Doctorate in Organizational Leadership with a focus on value congruence and job satisfaction and earned an MBA in entrepreneurial management and an MPH in health policy administration.

In today’s episode, our guest will talk to us about ways in which we can find fulfilment in our careers. He will also touch on how he gives back to society and the best way to get into offering service in the community.

Listen in!

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  • I work with senior leaders on discovering what that career is, something they can say that they love. [4:21]
  • I also work with organizations to help them create an environment that people can feel that way in because I believe in personal accountability and empowerment when it comes to your career. [4:33]
  • Most of the time organizations are not built in a way where people can come in and have a conversation with their leader that then helps them create a professional plan to create the career they love. [4:49]
  • People tend to hop from thing to thing, ultimately, always feeling stuck, but having about a six-month window in each job where they feel like they are in the right place. [5:00]
  • We are often promised the perfect job which then leads us in our decisions. [6:39]
  • We can shock some people’s potential today, by helping them realize that your perfect job is going to change as you change and learn. [6:58]
  • There’s the career sweet spot which is where your skills overlap with what you want to grow towards. [7:09
  • As you grow professionally, where you are supposed to be in your job, career, or organization is going to change. [7:31]
  • People used to go to work, take their paycheck and go home and there wasn’t a plethora of options or the ability to compare themselves to the rest of the world. [9:21]
  • Our communities used to be where we worked and who we worked with were also strong relationships. [10:09]
  • The environment and culture of work have changed and we don’t have those immediate close relationships. [10:40]
  • We don’t often feel like we’re giving back to our community because we’re working within such a small little bubble. [10:55]
  • It is normal to feel like you want meaningful work. [11:03]
  • When it comes to job satisfaction, it is just highlighting what job satisfaction is. [12:17]
  • The reason why a job is the right job is that there’s a multitude of factors that come together to create some level of satisfaction for you. [12:26]
  • The big one is relationships and the other pieces the actual work that you do and whether you find your work meaningful. [12:35]
  • You have to somehow connect meaning to your work and feel that what you’re doing is purposeful. [13:51]
  • If you feel like you’re wasting your time, that’s going to lend itself to you also feeling stuck again and less fulfilled. [13:54]
  • A lot of times people try to make things hard for themselves when it comes to improving their careers. [18:05
  • A lot of our negativity is usually just attached to the stories that we’ve been telling ourselves. [18:16]
  • Commercial break [19:48]
  • Your career is a combination of jobs, and job experiences and the challenge is asking whether the thing you’re doing now is what you thought were going to do 10 years ago. [22:11]
  • It is better to get started working towards the things you’re interested in, light you up and get you excited, and continuously learn what lights you up and what you enjoy. [22:29]
  • Where I spend a lot of my extra time is through mentorship programs in three of my past universities and three different incubators. [23:52]
  • When we want to give back to our communities, I would suggest that everyone take some time and look around for organizations within your community that are trying to help develop people. [24:19]
  • A lot of times someone just needs someone to talk to who has a little bit more experience that isn’t going to judge them and will be there to help them. [24:54]
  • When you’re talking to someone at a completely different stage of life who are looking at you for advice and you’re not looking to gain anything from them, it’s a beautiful space to be in. [25:53]
  • People do sometimes need to hear the voice in their head and reaffirm from some people that they respect and that they trust. [27:45]
  • Most people tend to regret decisions they have not made, not decisions that they did. [28:58]
  • When it comes to your career if you have an inkling that you’re interested in something go get a taste of it. [29:07]


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