Reach the Best Version of Yourself – Hina Siddiqui

Stop making goals and instead have a vision for your life because goals are future based which stops us from living in the present moment.” Hina Siddiqui

Learning to consciously live in the present will allow you to not only apply the lessons and knowledge from your past but also give you the space to bring into perspective your vision for the future. This means that you will be able to recognize what makes you happy and fulfilled and focus on making it a part of your daily life.  According to our guest today, Hina Siddiqui, being present in the moment helps people to truly appreciate little but important things that often go unnoticed.

Hina Siddiqui, is an Indian woman with wings and is the author of Five Non-fiction Books, including Road To Riches Of Life; Design A Career you Love and Secrets of the 6 Figure Employee with Zero Stress; If there’s one thing she can change in the world, it would be how working professionals live and do their jobs. No surprise, she keeps on learning, creating and refining the transformation strategies that people can instantly use for gorgeous and quick results.

Hina teaches and writes about creating a life vision, and personal mastery to achieve that. She is a lover of yoga, guitars, trees, wind and the food that her mom cooks. When she’s not working on her passion projects, Hina spends her time reading, taking solo trips, chitchatting with strangers, and cooking for her favourite kids -her niece and nephew.

In today’s episode, Hina will discuss the importance of living in the present moment and the work she does to help people settle in careers that are aligned with their personalities.

Listen in!

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  • My journey started when I wrote my first book which was published in 2016 and it was the road to riches of life. [2:45]
  • Before that, I was in the corporate sector working with various corporate jobs and I was also struggling like most people who are incorporate. [2:55]
  • I had some natural talents that I had forgotten about that I call the side effects of growing up. [3:13]
  • Luckily, I have been one of those fortunate few people who figure out that we are sent into this world for a specific purpose. [3:43]
  • In my childhood days, it was mostly writing short stories for kids and coaching them in my imperfect ways. [4:12]
  • After a long time, I remembered that this is what I wanted to do when I was a child and started paying attention to it. [4:40]
  • I learned some perfect ways where I did my certification courses and did my lots of lots of study around being a life coach. [5:02]
  • I have written five books and my latest book is Secrets of the Six Figure Employees with zero stress where I have mentioned a lot about my experiences of working with corporate houses. [5:20]
  • My mission is to help people incorporate who feel stuck in their jobs and don’t feel [5:43]
  • I come in to picture and help them to choose a job, which goes with their personality and one that resonates with them. [6:11]
  • Most of the people who have approached me are usually confused and don’t know what to do. [8:04]
  • I always say that there’s not a single ideal job that is ideal but there is a perfect one for you. [8:42]
  • Switching a career is difficult for people but like me, I always tell them to trust that everything is going to fall into place if they follow their passion and heart. [9:54]
  • Being in the moment helps a lot because most of the problems are created in minds. [11:59]
  • By thinking about what’s going on currently and doing the best in that present moment, things automatically get solved. [12:36]
  • Commercial break. [12:55]
  • It’s very important to be present at the moment and definitely when we are ourselves. We are better equipped to help you People and help our communities to show up their potential. [14:50]
  • I believe everyone has limitless potential and no matter what position a person has reached there’s still something more that they can do. [15:04]
  • I believe it is the responsibility of every single person in the community to reach the best version of themselves. [16:25]
  • We don’t have control over the world and cannot change the people around but when we change ourselves, then lots of things around us change. [18:03]
  • Stop making goals and instead have a vision for your life because goals are the future based which stops us from living in the present moment. [19:30]
  • Make systems of achieving it and start living that vision just right away because there are lots of things that we can do. [19:55]
  • It is very important to live in the present moment as it makes life way easier because I’m not getting attached to the results. [20:35]


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