Hello Gorgeous! – Kim Becker

“There’s something so fulfilling about being able to help other people.” Kim Becker

Most business leaders find that helping others in whichever capacity comes as a natural extension of their responsibilities. Similarly, studies and history show that giving back and helping others has a common positive outcome for people. Our guest today, Kim Becker, is a businesswoman who found her passion in community service, and she says it is all about finding that one thing that you feel you ought to do and incorporating it into your daily routine.

Kim Becker is a motivational and inspirational speaker and an award-winning author of two books about beauty, cancer and the amazing scope of the human spirit. Kim is a dynamic communicator with an incredible story of faith, hope and service to others, and the founder of Hello Gorgeous! of HOPE, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides Red-Carpet Experiences for women battling all cancers across the United State.

Kim has been a business owner and national educator for more than 30 years. Through her many experiences in the for-profit and non-profit business worlds, Kim has become a businesswoman, fundraiser, event planner, educator, public speaker, author and the face of Hello Gorgeous! Kim received the Mom`s Choice Award for her first book, “Hello Gorgeous!: A Journey of Faith, Love and Hope”. Kim received the 2011 Spirit of Women Award, an American Cancer Society 2014 Coaches Versus Cancer Inspirational Award, she received the prestigious George H. W. Bush, Points of Light award in 2015 and in 2019 Kim received the Shero Award from Zeta Phi Beta Society.

In today’s episode, Kim will talk about her journey that led to the birth of Hello Gorgeous! and the impact it is making in the community.

Listen in!

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  • I am a hairdresser and owned a salon and my late husband had a degree in pre-Columbian archaeology from Purdue University. [4:25]
  • In the beginning, I was a hairdresser and my dream was always to open a salon. [4:38]
  • When we started talking about opening a salon, my husband suggested that call the salon ‘Hello gorgeous,’ and I said that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. [4:45]
  • We opened a salon and owned it for 10 years and did not call it ‘Hello gorgeous’ but ‘Cheveu,’ which meant hair in French. [5:07]
  • The whole time that I own the salon, I always felt that there was just something that was missing. [5:13]
  • I remodeled the salon and we grew from one station to seven stations and outgrew from 1000 square feet and went to 3000 square feet with 17 stylists and massage therapists and receptionists. [5:33]
  • That still didn’t fulfil that emptiness I was feeling and I thought what maybe I needed was to work on myself. [5:45]
  • I started training at all these places and there was still this emptiness that I was feeling. [5:51]
  • Mike and I had the conversations about something more we should be doing and one day all of a sudden it felt in my heart. [6:02]
  • We needed to have a mobile Day Spa that caters to cancer patients to treat them during a time where they don’t feel very special. [6:23]
  • I pitched this idea to him about this beautiful mobile Day Spa and that we were going to it for free and suggested to call it ‘Hello gorgeous.’ [6:58]
  • Part of the program that we do is in-person makeovers and considering that most women are often selfless, we try to make sure that we surprise them. [10:20]
  • It is usually a nomination process where each of the women is nominated by family and friends and then we show up unannounced and give a head to toe makeover. [10:55]
  • I never promise to make them look like Miss America, but I try to make her look normal and so that they can participate in your everyday life [12:04]
  • We’ve been doing this almost 16 years and so I don’t know whether I ever realize the impact and the ripple effect. [12:44]
  • When she’s smiling, everybody else smiles around her and so it’s not just her that we help. It’s all the other people that surround her. [13:05]
  • I’ve had to change my verbiage to how can I support you because when you ask a different question, you elicit a different response. [14:38]
  • Commercial break. [16:46]
  • There is a ripple effect as far as the work that we do with the women. [19:07]
  • I worked with a life coach for a really long time and she always talks about your areas of genius and that I can’t be good at everything but I can be good at some things. [19:20]
  • There are things that other people are really good at that I’m not good at but I can use those talents and their time to help me further my mission. [19:29]
  • I’ve had to kind of narrow down to my areas of genius and had people come forward and help because they want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. [19:37]
  • One of the things that we do is we have a salon affiliate program where I found salon owners to train them to create the ‘Hello Gorgeous’ experience. [20:06]
  • I like to tell business owners and business people that one of the things that they should do is team up with nonprofits. [21:12]
  • I did find that as soon as we open the salon affiliates across the United States, that’s what made them stand out in their community. [21:54]
  • If you could do anything in the whole wide world that you wanted to do, and you didn’t have to get paid to do it, what would it be? [22:38]
  • Find out what that is and if you’re not doing it in your daily work, find out what would feed that in you and find a nonprofit that’s already doing that and go help them. [22:45]
  • There’s something so fulfilling about being able to help other people. [24:25]
  • If you have a something that you feel like you’re supposed to be doing, even if you don’t feel like you’re qualified to do it, go ahead and do it. [24:32]


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