The Power of Micro-Decisions – Jen Hope

“Be kind to yourself by starting with little baby steps and it will build overtime.” Jen Hope

By being empathetic and being kind to self, leaders gain the ability to demonstrate similar empathy towards other people. This is according to our guest today, Jen Hope, who says that leaders need to take the much needed pauses to reflect on their actions and what it means to their productivity and performance.

Jen Hope is a Business and Executive Leadership Coach who leans on more than 20 years of executive experience, business acumen, and empathy to create a safe coaching environment where leaders can grow and thrive.

Before launching her executive coaching practice in 2013, Jen held marketing leadership roles at B2C tech companies. As Head of Marketing, she led the Cheezburger humor network through stages of rapid growth. At Trover, a lifestyle travel app, Jen was Vice President of Marketing and engineered the rise of the brand from startup to acquisition by Expedia in 2015. Jen has a degree in Marketing from Arizona State University and is a GXCP USA Executive and Leadership Coach.

Jen partners with leaders responsible for scaling organizations and has a wealth of experience in growing start-up companies. Her business acumen and hands-on executive experience allow her to create a culture of courage in high-performance environments, hone leadership skills and empower the next generation of leaders to maximize business outcomes.

Jen has experience in growth marketing and is an expert at scaling businesses. She keeps coaching clients and teams moving forward with clarity, focus, humor and structure built on trust and positivity. Her clients include leaders and managers from Amazon, Trupanion, and Simple Bank. In addition to coaching, she is a workshop facilitator and speaker for organizations like Microsoft, F5, Moss Adams and Infoblox, as well as conferences like Seattle Startup Week and the Women in Tech Regatta.

In today’s episode, Jen will be discussing the importance of business leaders balancing work and their personal lives. She will also highlight the factors that have enabled her to grow and achieve her business success.

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  • My business is one that started from wanting to live in a world where we had more kindness and then understanding that it starts from self. [3:28]
  • One of the outcomes of our work is empathy. [3:53]
  • I come from the world of digital marketing with a experience of 20 years as a marketing leader. [4:06]
  • The other thing that I talk about a lot, and what is at the center of my business is skill building that we can all use to be more effective and more aware. [7:22]
  • We can create that kindness for ourselves by taking care and managing ourselves. [8:08]
  • How do we get to the place where we can pause and move on to do something that’s more effective. [13:05]
  • We need to identify the planning that we can do around the pauses so as to be able to have some more flow in that versus this kind of jerky stop-start. [14:55]
  • Commercial break. [18:06]
  • One of the biggest things I have learnt is managing my expectations, and even being aware of them. [21:27]
  • Coming from the world of being a marketer working with many parts of organizations, as well as having lots of resources, managing my expectations aided me when I became my own entrepreneur. [22:08]
  • I called myself a recovering perfectionist because I really had to reset my expectations and embrace some of the challenge. [23:15]
  • To help my clients, I use some data such as assessments that have been used studying human behavior for hundreds of years. [25:55]
  • Because we start with behavior, it makes it easy to get comfortable with some of the vulnerability of looking inward. [26:25]
  • It’s never about getting in and poking holes or jabbing, but rather about holding up the mirror and observing with tiny bits of tenderness. [28:00]
  • Judging ourselves into behavior change never really works. [28:42]
  • Be kind to yourself by starting with little baby steps and it will build overtime. [30:29]


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