Human- Centered Brand – Shaan Rais

“The fusion of the personal and the professional brand is more conducive to business and personal success than the separation of the two.” Shaan Rais

Cultivating a strong personal brand means your customers get to recognize you and associate you with your company in a positive way. This according to our guest today Shaan Rais, who also notes that having a strong personal brand is part of marketing and business development for entrepreneurs.

Leadership Development Expert and Industrial and Organizational Psychologist, Shaan Rais is a Professional Speaker and Branding Strategist with a Master’s Degree in Evidence-Based Coaching and another Master’s Degree in Organizational Development and Change.

His passion and purpose are to take the world by storm with his time-tested leadership principles, evidence-based content, and high–voltage presentations. His challenging keynotes continue to motivate leaders to take ownership of their own development and revolutionize their persona in the organization, and outside in their personal lives. Through a significant social media presence, record-breaking online course, and Leadership Leverage Executive Coaching Community of Professional Entrepreneurs Shaan Rais has begun to Change the Face of Leadership and Business!

As CEO of his leadership development consulting firm, OmniSolutions Consultation, LLC, Shaan Rais is positioned to streamline the ascent of the accomplished organizational professional to success, help to strengthen and build teams, and assist in the personal and professional development of leaders, key executives, and strategic partnerships.

In today’s episode, Shaan talks about the cornerstones of leadership and personal branding, and the importance of being authentic when dealing with people as a business person.

Listen in!

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  • In my youth, it was embedded in me to give back and to help people, strengthen their resilience and build people.
  • I chose leadership development and to reach back and help people because I understand a human and heart centered perspective when it comes to leadership and developing individuals.
  • The development of individuals evolved for me into the development of organizations and professionals.
  • Everybody is creating a brand all the time and that is exemplified by what they do every single day.
  • Because your life and every response that you get from people in the world is a result and a reaction or response to your personal brand, or lack thereof.
  • Self-awareness, self-regulation, emotional intelligence, and authenticity, are the four cornerstones of leadership development and personal branding.
  • I teach people to create their ideal life and then create the ideal business around that.
  • We use a framework called CSA that is an acronym for Clarify, Simplifying and Amplify.
  • If you want things to change, you have to change some things about you, and the way the world looks at you changes.
  • The entire world has changed, and if we don’t change ourselves, then we can’t keep up.
  • I teach that strategy happens above the shoulders, and tactics take place below the shoulders.
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  • You have to bring your whole self to any situation and be authentic, because when you’re being authentic with yourself, all ships rise when the tides come in.
  • We live right now in a dynamic that is ever shifting and evolving from one that was brick and mortar to click an order, as well as from on location to remote.
  • Remote leadership and remote work has uncovered that people actually work better outside of a compliance setting.
  • The fusion of the personal and the professional brand is more conducive to business and personal success than the separation of the two.
  • The key to open the door to massive impact and meaningfulness and world change is the personal brand being heart centered and human.
  • Authenticity marketing is the best way to get your message out there, because if you can’t come to grips with your own self, then no one else will be able to come to grips with you.


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