PH. Creative – Bryan Adams

“Brand is nothing more than the endeavor to humanize a corporate entity.” Bryan Adams

How do you cultivate a powerful employer brand that attracts and retain top talent?

Every company has an employer brand regardless of whether there is deliberate effort towards it or not. This is according to our guest today, Bryan Adams, who also notes that by deliberately building an employer brand to be proud of, a company gets to control and positively change the dialogue surrounding the company, ultimately ensuring higher talent acquisition and retention.

Bryan is the CEO and founder of Ph.Creative, recognized as one of the leading employer brand agencies in the world. Ph. specializes in building world-class employer brand, EVP and talent engagement strategy for companies such as Apple, American Airlines, British Telecom and Virgin.

Bryan is a specialist speaker and a 2x best-selling author of ‘Getting Goosebumps’ (2015) and ‘Give & Get Employer Branding’(2020). He is considered a prominent employer brand thought leader and his creative, unconventional, and even controversial methodologies are said to regularly change the way people think about employer branding and EVP.

In today’s episode, Bryan talks about the importance of employer branding, especially considering the changes that continue to be witnessed in talent pool.

Listen in!

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Getting Goosebumps: A pragmatic guide to Effective Inbound Marketing and Talent Attraction

Give & Get Employer Branding: Repel the Many and Compel the Few with Impact, Purpose and Belonging

  • We’re specialist employer brand agency, and are calibrated to work with large global brands with complex talent audiences.
  • It could be argued that people are the only competitive advantage left in business, everything else can be commoditized or automated.
  • In this day and age, there’s a significant correlation between how organizations treat their people and brand sentiment across the board.
  • We go into organizations, help them define and better articulate their employee experience and shape a reputation as an employer, that’s going to help their organization move forward.
  • We’re yet to go into an organization and not find that thing that makes them unique.
  • A good employer brand should repel more people than it compels.
  • Often, the difference between why you join an organization and why you stay is significant, and a lot of the time, that’s because the expectations aren’t appropriately set right from the outset.
  • Often when applying for jobs, the percentage of valued applicants and the percentage of valued candidates is usually pretty low, because you have candidates applying for roles that don’t match.
  • Everybody wins if organizations get confidence to lean into the harsh realities of the roles because it reduces the volume of applicants.
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  • Organizations that make business decisions every day based on their values and guiding principles are fantastic to work with.
  • In organizations where employees find purpose and meaning in their work, it bleeds into their social life and who they are as a person.
  • The secret sauce is finding something that resonates and fits into what already exists.
  • The best marketing dollars have been invested in telling stories about the people behind the brand, and as a result, we’re seeing a shift in power where smart marketing is starting to harness employer brand.
  • Brand is nothing more than the endeavor to humanize a corporate entity.
  • The quickest way to find the source of passion and pride in your own career, or inside an organization is to talk about how a team was pushed to solve a problem or a challenge.
  • By having the conviction to polarize your audience based on what you believe, you clearly communicate who you are and what you believe in, as well as the value gained by identifying with that brand.
  • Employer brand doesn’t have to be sophisticated or expensive, it just needs to be clear and thought through.
  • Small business owners need to think about employer brand and intentionally design the culture they want because it’s much easier to scale something you want than change something that you don’t much later down the line.


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