Executive Presence – Carol Lempert

We all need a certain help becoming a high potential employee in our companies. Carol Lempert who is a Performance Coach and Virtual Trainer/Speaker, shows us how to increase and execute presence in our work environment. Getting the stability to maintaining and owning the energy of the room with idea of communication and making it contagious from person to person to person.

Carol Lempert started her career as a professional actress and now works with leaders helping them increase their executive presence by learning the skills actors use to have great stage and screen presence. In her previous life she was a career counselor and ran a program called: The Job Finding Club.

She is a sought after leadership expert being having been quoted in: Forbes, Financial Post, National Post, The Reader’s Digest and Speaker’s Magazine

Clients include: Google, Comcast and the Harvard Executive Education program (yes, THAT Harvard. Her Mom is too proud.)

Typically companies bring her in to help them tell better stories, learn to improve their personal brand and increase their emotional intelligence.

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