Next Level University – Alan Lazaros

“Aim high, keep it specific enough to give you direction, but open enough to make sure you’re exploring and not pigeon holing yourself to where you will have regrets.” Alan Lazaros

In order to be more self-aware and get to maximize your potential, it is important to slow down and reflect on the substantial changes that happen to your life. This is according to Alan Lazaros, who notes that productivity and fulfillment are a byproduct of self-development, contribution to a larger cause, and living in the present.

Alan Lazaros is the Founder & Host of Next Level University, a Global Top 100 Self-Improvement podcast with more than 900 episodes reaching over half a million people in more than 100 countries. Alan believes in a heart-driven but NO BS approach to inspiring, motivating & educating others on what it really takes to get to the next level.

At age 2, Alan’s father passed away in a car accident. At age 26, getting into a nearly fatal car accident himself, he began to question everything, including who he was and the choices he was making. Now it’s his mission to help others maximize their potential & design lives & businesses they love on their own terms.

In this episode, Alan talks about how people can achieve better life outcomes that are fulfilling to them and the people around them.

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  • I was raised by two women, my mother and my older sister who was three years older than me.
  • My mom sat me down when I was seven years old she gave me the best lesson I’ve ever heard which was to aim high, and I’ll have choices.
  • Fast forward, I got into my dream school and became an electrical and computer engineering graduate with distinction.
  • I went back for my MBA and then I did a bunch of job hopping and eventually landed a company called Cognex.
  • I got into an accident that left me mentally, emotionally and spiritually messed up and I started questioning everything about my life.
  • Now I’ve got this North Star that I wear around my neck which is my guide.
  • As I reflected on my life, I saw two stars I’d never seen before, Tony Robbins’ TED Talk and Bronnie Ware’s book called ‘The Top Five Regrets of the Dying.’
  • Now I have a podcast, Next Level University and we have reached out to 120 plus countries, coaching people all over the world.
  • Learning about these individuals, I go to learn that we don’t shine as bright as we could, because we’re afraid of what people will think about us.
  • We try to stay small due to the insecurities of others, and it doesn’t help the world the way that we need to help the world.
  • People say life is about the journey which I agree, but one thing that is important is that the destination you choose in advance dictates the journey.
  • I think life is a dance between exploration and refocus where you go out and you explore and you double down on the things you do like, and you eliminate the things you don’t,
  • Regret is the soul’s recognition of misalignment with its highest calling.
  • Aim high, keep it specific enough to give you direction, but open enough to make sure you’re exploring and not pigeon holing yourself to where you’re will have regrets.
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  • I always check in with my clients with a simple maximization triad which is a simple triangle with three sides.
  • Number one is maximizing one’s own unique potential, number two is how one is maximizing one’s own unique greatest level of contribution
  • Number three is about money and profitability and is how one is maximizing their own unique quality of life.
  • Money should not be number one, in my opinion but it shouldn’t be number five, either.
  • Life improves when we improve and when we improve we get better.
  • If you are a wonderful, good intentioned human being, who truly wants to improve the quality of their life, what is best for you should be best for others.
  • The world needs more fulfilled human beings, because hurt people, hurt people.
  • Ignorance and apathy are the two root causes of all human suffering, and knowledge and care is the cure.


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