Project Management For Your Money – Simon Brady

“Start to take saving and investing particularly seriously, and as early as possible.” Simon Brady

We know that we need to invest in our financial future, but tackling it can be so daunting and downright overwhelming. It however doesn’t have to be that hard, especially for young people who still have the time and potential to accomplish their financial goals. Simon Brady helps people to plan their personal finances, and insists that the only person in charge of taking care of your financial future is yourself.

Simon Brady grew up in London but came to Wall Street in the late 1980s as a trader. He worked there for over 20 years in both currencies and equities before turning to personal financial planning and setting up his own fee-only firm, Anglia Advisors, which is a personal finance and investment consultant that specializes in working with younger individuals, couples and families looking to secure their financial futures. 

In today’s episode, Simon talks about his practice and why it is important that people start to take investment matters seriously.

Listen in!

Connect with Simon;

  • I originally grew up in London and came over here in a trading capacity in the late 1980s.
  • I got qualified as a certified financial planner and set up my own firm, Anglia advisors.
  • My compensation method is completely different where I work per hour basis and with that model, I was able to work with younger people who have a lot going on and need a lot of hand-holding.
  • I love it when people come to me at an early stage because there’s so much we can do if you give me 40 years of time horizon.
  • The transactional commission based financial advisors are not really incentivized to talk to you about that they can’t monetize.
  • I get paid the same regardless of what we are talking about, so I can have a very wide range of conversation topics with people.
  • Commercial break
  • When someone reaches out to me, I always want to try and establish in that first discussion why they are reaching out.
  • I establish what kind of agenda we’re going to put together, and it really is up to the client to put the agenda together.
  • The pandemic reminded quite a few people about their mortality which sort of reinforced that very unexpected things can happen.
  • There has been an increase in the general awareness that you can plan your life out in the way that you want to.
  • Some people that come to me do so because they’ve got a plan and they want me to come back and endorse what they’re doing.
  • The delegators outsource everything about their finances to me, and my model permits me to work with all these people.
  • The best time to start saving and investing is during your first week at your first job, the second best time is now.
  • Start to take saving and investing particularly seriously, as early as possible.


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