Not a Hair Out of Place – Gregg Giannillo

Are you looking for tips on how to get your hair camera-ready?

Gregg Giannillo is an expert at making his clients look effortlessly polished, both on and off camera.  

With almost 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, Gregg Giannillo is undoubtedly one of the most influential magnates in the beauty business today.

He has coiffed the manes of countless celebrities – Venessa Williams, Lara Spencer, Raquel Zimmerman, Beyoncé, Kathie Lee Gifford and Olivia Palermo, just to name a few. He’s been a staple on every major red carpet – The Oscars, Grammy’s, CFDA Fashion Awards, Emmy’s, People’s Choice, Golden Globes and SAG Awards – plus blockbuster movie premieres, press Junkets and more.

The incomparable precision of Gregg Giannillo’s haircuts have attained a “cult-like” following. Recognized as a true expert in his field, Giannillo has served as beauty expert on the nationally syndicated television show, Better, for over 5 years,  and has lent his expertise to ABC’s Good Morning America, AlloyTV, OKTV, and BeautyBoss in numerous make-over and ‘how -to’ segments

In this snippet from the full-length interview, Giannillo talks about the ups and downs of supporting his clients on live TV, as well as how to fix a quick look that is presentable.

Listen in!

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