Digital Surgeons – Pete Sena

“Marketing and branding isn’t magic, but a great brand is magnetic.” Pete Sena

In this era of technology, business continue to look for ways to draw on rich customer insights in order to enhance their products and services. Similarly, the business environment continues to become more competitive pushing businesses to find ways in which they can remain sustainable and thrive. Pete Sena helps businesses translate their marketing plans into action, and highlights the importance of data when planning for marketing.

Pete is a design-led entrepreneur who loves to partner with future-forward founders, entrepreneurs, and business leaders to unlock new possibilities and growth.  Pete co-founded Digital Surgeons, a forward-obsessed brand experience consultancy. He is a dedicated collaborator who uses creativity to mix visual branding, storytelling, and user experience to deliver results-driven, future-forward growth marketing.

By combining the unique power of human creativity and curiosity with leading-edge analytics and technology, Pete empowers fellow founders and forward-thinking business leaders to uncover transformative possibilities, paving the way to unconventional paths to growth. For nearly 20 years, Pete has built and led cross-functional teams that have delivered a number of successful multi-channel programs and activations, ranging in scale from venture-backed startups to Fortune 50 organizations.

In today’s episode, Pete talks about marketing and why it is important for businesses to understand how they can tell their story to customers.

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  • We are a demand design consultancy and we help businesses design growth.
  • Through branding perspective or messaging, we help clients with tactics like websites and different marketing channels that help their businesses to thrive.
  • One big thing that all of our most successful clients have in common is their ability to listen and take on and try new things.
  • We only want to work with companies that we can help to demonstrate the ROI, because we’re not in the business of just making things pretty.
  • Data is important, and is not just necessarily looking at spreadsheets and analytics data, but qualitative as well.
  • We came up with this framework that we call the Four Green Lights, which are team satisfaction, customer satisfaction, driving business impact and profit.
  • Since we’re in the people business, the talent that we’re able to attract and retain is ultimately what enables us to do the best work for our clients.
  • I really believe that a lot of companies don’t measure success the right way.
  • One of the first things we do when we come in is we understand how you know when you’re successful.
  • If you’re not clear with your organization about what you stand for, and what you’re trying to deliver against, it’s really easy to have competing commitments.
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  • The first thing that I always like to make sure that the leadership of my clients understand is what makes them different, and what makes them better.
  • When the leadership can say what makes them different and better, and then their customers say the same thing, then the overlap of that Venn diagram is where the magic happens.
  • The greatest way to do that is to understand how to tell your story.
  • Marketing and branding aren’t magic, but a great brand is magnetic.


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